Week 7/8 News (Semester 1, 2022)

This Week at Lake Tuggeranong College

International Women’s Day @ LTC

LTC Library in Press!

2021 Mandarin Awards

Inclusive Education Survey and Discussion Groups NOW OPEN

Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Women’s Group

International Women’s Day @ LTC

The goal of IWD is to celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness against bias and take action for equality.

LTC staff came together on this important day to make a collective statement.

Long serving former LTC Principal Julie Murkins joined us for breakfast and delivered a powerful message on this year’s theme of #breakthebias. 

LTC Library in Press!

Congratulations to Lori Korodaj (the STAR below) for her recent publication “Orientation, advocacy (like a ninja), and wellbeing- LTC Library-style” in FYI, a publication of the School Library Association of Victoria. 

Did you know that LTC library services are held up as a best-practice example for schools across Australia? 

If you haven’t yet come in to work with a teacher librarian about your assignments….well…. you know where to find us!

2021 Mandarin Awards

Each year the Australia-China Friendship Society (ACFS) offers school awards to the most proficient and the most improved Mandarin language students, from a number of high schools and colleges in the ACT, in an effort to encourage students to continue their interest in learning Mandarin and in learning about China.

Congratulations to LTC students:

– Ta Chieu (Quintessa) Le – the most proficient Mandarin language student for 2021


– Kasinda Johnston – the most improved Mandarin language student of 2021.

Well done, an amazing achievement!

Inclusive Education Survey and Discussion Groups NOW OPEN

Help shape the future of inclusive education in ACT Public Schools.

The inclusive education survey on disability and education in ACT Public Schools has re-opened. Discussion groups are also being held over the coming month.

Students with disability (both current and former), carers, families, advocates, school staff and the broader community are invited to join the ‘Community Conversation’ and help shape how we strengthen inclusive education in ACT Public Schools.

If you haven’t already done so, visit ‘A Community Conversation’ to complete the survey and/ or join a discussion group. http://ow.ly/n38450IexFZ

For more information about the survey and this work visit the Education Directorate website: http://ow.ly/JYZs50IexG1

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