Week 5/6 News (Semester 1, 2022)

This Week at Lake Tuggeranong College

International Women’s Day

Marking International Women’s Day in the Library

RAAF School Visit

Pre-Med Group Guest Visit and Ambulance Visit

Inclusive Education Survey and Discussion Groups NOW OPEN

1-Minute Film Competition 2022 – Call for Entries!

International Women’s Day

As part of International Women’s Day, the college considered how to help create a gender equal world. This year’s theme encourages everyone to consider what biases exist in our communities, workplaces, and schools.

Lake Tuggeranong College hosted a breakfast with the aim of (in the words of Principal David Briggs), “getting everyone together on this important day and making a collective statement”.

LTC students were also all in!

Together, we can all #BreakTheBias and value and celebrate our diversity!

Marking International Women’s Day in the Library

Come borrow a great book about a woman or written by a woman today!

RAAF School Visit

The Aviation Motivation Program visited Lake Tuggeranong College on Thursday (Week 6). The program aims to increase awareness and develop interest amongst young people in aviation careers within the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

Their program includes immersive flying experiences in state of the art virtual reality simulators, Air Traffic Control games, aircrew life-support gear demonstrations, aviation presentations and interaction with Officer Aviation specialists.

Students who participated had a great time.

Pre-Med Group Guest Speaker and Ambulance Visit

The Pre-Med group (preparing students for medical and related careers) was honoured to gain a visit from Oscar Ricketts, a student in Nursing and Paramedics from the Australian Catholic University.

Oscar is most of the way through his double degree at ACU and works part time as a paramedic trainee with the Private Ambulance Service within the ACT.

Oscar showed students through the ambulance and talked about both his courses and career opportunities.

His key messaging included how important communication is when working in the health industry. He also described the value for him of having part time jobs in hospitality. This helped him to develop communication skills of working with people of all ages.

The Pre-Med group will continue in term 2 during College Connect time.

The students value hearing from community members working in diverse health fields and potentially visiting health practices on site. If you can provide a brief talk please contact Peter.clayden@ed.act.edu.au (Pre-Med coordinator) to discuss possibilities.

Inclusive Education Survey and Discussion Groups NOW OPEN

Help shape the future of inclusive education in ACT Public Schools.

The inclusive education survey on disability and education in ACT Public Schools has re-opened. Discussion groups are also being held over the coming month.

Students with disability (both current and former), carers, families, advocates, school staff and the broader community are invited to join the ‘Community Conversation’ and help shape how we strengthen inclusive education in ACT Public Schools.

If you haven’t already done so, visit ‘A Community Conversation’ to complete the survey and/ or join a discussion group. http://ow.ly/n38450IexFZ

For more information about the survey and this work visit the Education Directorate website: http://ow.ly/JYZs50IexG1

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