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Year 12 Vaccinations

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Welcome Back to Term 4

Dear Students, Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to Term 4. I hope you are relaxed and refreshed and were able to have a decent break during the holiday period.

Thank you so much for your support throughout remote learning last term. Our whole college community – students, teachers and staff, parents and carers – have helped our students continue to have the best possible learning experience while supporting the ACT’s public health response. I wrote to you at the end of last term confirming arrangements for the gradual return of Year 12 students starting in Weeks 1 and 2 and shared a roadmap for returning to college. We are looking forward to welcoming our students back – we have missed them.

The ACT Scaling Test (AST) is on 12 and 13 October and will be held on campus. We’ll be sending students more information shortly about how the AST will run in a COVID-safe way.

As you may be aware, the Education Directorate recently consulted with students, parents, carers and staff to better understand their views on returning to campus. We know that people are concerned about health and safety at school. These conversations and insights have been invaluable in shaping a return to campus learning plan that balances public health and safety objectives with the learning and wellbeing needs of students. To minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmissions we are closely following the advice of ACT Health and the Chief Health Officer. With this guidance, we have developed a COVID-19 Safety Assurance Plan, that details how we will keep our college community safe. In the meantime, there is more information available on the Education Directorate’s website with a list of Frequently Asked Questions, or you are always welcome to contact the front office.

I will be writing to you again early next week to provide more information about the staged return of our Year 11 students from Week 3 (Monday 18th October) onwards. More of our Year 12 students will also be returning.

Transitioning back to on campus learning means further change for our students. If you or your child are struggling, or need someone to talk to, there is help available. Information about available support can be found on the Education Directorate website at http://www.education.act.gov.au/support-for-our-students/wellbeing-support-resources-for-students-and-families. The Telehealth Support Service can also be reached on 02 6205 1559 between 9am and 4.30pm weekdays. If your family lives in NSW, outside the approved 10 postcodes you will need to seek an exemption from ACT Health so that your young person can attend school. For assistance with this process, please contact the Education Directorate on 6205 9680 or email EDUSEOFFICE@act.gov.au.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Kobal


Batman is Missing…………..not even a joke!!

More specifically Batman’s head is missing … and it belongs to me! (Richard Fox)

Have you seen a life sized batman head (that is actually a money box bereft of coin) in your exploits around LTC campus? It is likely in a box or bag along with a range of coloured party hats. Yep, it sounds weird … but you know me.

I’d offer a reward for the person who returns this prized possession. I’ll need to look elsewhere for coin.

Year 12 Vaccinations

📢 Priority Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination appointments are now available for ACT Year 12 students.

Year 12 students can book a priority appointment at the AIS Arena COVID-19 mass vaccination clinic and get vaccinated between Monday 6 September to Friday 17 September 2021.

These priority appointments are available for all Year 12 students across the ACT, including public, private, Catholic and specialist schools.

Call the ACT COVID-19 booking line on 02 5124 7700 (7am to 7pm, daily) to make a priority booking. You’ll need to answer some questions to confirm your eligibility. Use the call back service so you don’t have to wait on the line.

Priority appointments cannot be made online – you must call get a booking. If you have an existing appointment at an ACT Government COVID-19 vaccination clinic, call and move your appointment forward.

You can also choose to get your Pfizer vaccination at a participating GP, who have been asked to prioritise year 12 students. This might suit students with additional needs or who find it hard to access AIS. The Australian Government’s Eligibility Checker is useful for finding and booking at nearby participating GP clinics.

https://covid-vaccine.healthdirect.gov.au/eligibility?lang=en More information is available at www.covid19.act.gov.au/vaccinebooking

Looking Out – Our new Instagram Competition


The ACT Scaling Test (AST) was scheduled for Tuesday 31 August and Wednesday 1 September 2021.

As the ACT is in lockdown, the AST will be held on Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 October 2021.

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