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This Week at Lake Tuggeranong College

New Photography from Year 12

Supporting young people returning to College

Instagram Competition and this week’s cover

The Library in Term 4

Online Learning Updates and More

New Photography from Year 12

For the Contemporary Photography practical last term, students were to create a series of staged photographs inspired by a movie or TV show. Here are some of the works students created!

Recreation of TV Series Violet Evergarden

Photographer Amy Salce

Recreation of the series, Fate of the Winx Saga

Photographer Tahlia Kmieicak

Support for young people returning to College

Is your child feeling anxious and worried about returning to school? The ACT Education psychology service have produced three short videos to help you support your child as they return to school in the next couple of weeks. The videos are on YouTube and are titled: 

Contact Clinical Practice on 02 620 59555 or EDUClinicalPractice@act.gov.au.

Competition and this weeks cover

Currently the second of our Instagram Competitions has been running for the students at Lake Tuggeranong College. The competition, initiated by Student Life, has provided the students with an opportunity to submit photographic images based on the idea of Looking Out.

Our cover this week features the work of Connor Green, a very evocative and moody piece that relates well to our theme.

ACT SCALING TEST (AST) 2021 – “Thanks”

Hello all, it is with great pleasure and a significant amount of relief that I can safely say the AST for 2021 has been completed*

There are a significant number of people who need to be acknowledged in the work they have done in getting our AST cohort to this point and also in the behind the scenes organisation to enable this event to occur. In no particular order, I’d like to acknowledge the particular efforts of the following people. 

  •     Sarah P- for all the background admin work she did in assisting Elliot and then me to get things organised for the days of the AST. A superb effort!
  •  Jen and Damien- for running an amazing prep process considering the challenging circumstances we found ourselves in. I felt our students were as well prepared as they could be considering the circumstances of 2021. 
  •     Cameron T- for the assistance with the Special Case provisions.
  •     Barry- for the desk setup in the Gym. 
  •     Letitia- for the catering and other assistance in ensuring our covidsafe plan for the AST was compliant. 
  •     Peter C and Richard- for the “heavy” backup when needed with students and the BSSS. 
  •     The College Life Team- for supporting students who were considering not sitting the AST and working on their confidence. 

I’m sure I’ve forgotten to thank somebody explicitly, so I do most sincerely apologise if I have done so!

Lastly, I’d like to thank the entire staff. The readiness and preparedness of our students to be able to sit the AST is a direct reflection on your passions and classroom practice, whether you taught T students or not. Everyone here has a positive influence on how our students approach their studies and is reflected in the fact that there were no unexpected no-shows for the AST

With Thanks, 

*Yes, I’ve still got a small pile of paperwork to do 

Nick Wright

SLC Academic Progress

The Library in term 4

Online Learning Updates and More

Keep up to date with all the information at the LTC Online site. Want a copy of the new timetable or perhaps catch up on a letter to the community that you may have missed in the email then follow the link .

Blog information

Do you have a positive story to share about our students or alumni? Here at the blog we are happy to publish stories, photos and artworks. Please submit your material to richard.baldwin@ed.act.edu.au

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