Week 7 News

In this Week’s News

  • Design for Screen Media
  • The United Nations Listening Tour
  • This Weeks Message
  • Ordering your Hoodie

Design for Screen Media

Design for Screen Media is a new unit, at Lake Tuggeranong College. It runs as part of the Design and Graphics course in the Technology Faculty.

Students have been working with a design process on their brief, which reads as follows. As a designer for PiXXel, Media and Communications you have been asked to present  “The Canberra Experience” for the visitor to Canberra. The Canberra Experience is the title for the app. The design is a series of 5-6 pages for Android or I-phone.

In the solution below, year 11 student, Nathan Craft has taken his own photographs and created a logo for the work.

Nathan Craft

The United Nations Listening Tour

The Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations is tasked with representing the views of young Australians both domestically and abroad. To represent these views, the Australian Youth Representative leads the largest annual face-to-face consultation of young people in the country, called the “Listening Tour”.

The UN listening tour

Photo Kelly White

LTC students consulted on global issues affecting youth

What would Australia look like if young people were the key drivers of decision making?

Each year, the Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations leads a nationwide consultative tour to discover the issues that are most important to young Australians.

Known as the ‘Listening Tour,’ this 6-month journey typically sees the Youth Representative travel to every State and Territory, engaging with young people in urban, regional and rural areas.

Last week, the UN representative visited Lake Tuggeranong’s Year 12 Australian Literature class for a positive, open ended discussion on equality, where all students were encouraged to share their thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

The students valued the opportunity to have their voices heard, and no topic was off limits.

The discussion covered a range of local and nationwide issues affecting young people. They expressed support for lowering the voting age, better political education in schools and the importance of providing equal opportunity for all students, regardless of socioeconomic status.

Students also discussed the benefits of classes such as psychology and sociology, with many students agreeing on the benefits of these subjects being offered earlier, starting in Years 9-10.

The discussion was followed by an activity where students workshopped solutions to local issues, such as blue green algae in Canberra’s lakes.

Class teacher and deputy principal, John Alston Campbell, who co-ordinated the visit, stressed the importance of empowering the student voice in decision making.

“Often young people feel their voices aren’t heard. I wanted to give the students someone who would listen to them, and who will represent their views at an important global forum,” John said.

The visit has shown the benefit of engaging young people in discussion on the topics that affect them, not only did the students engage in respectful, mature discussion with their peers, but the experience also provided unique insight into what matters most to young people.

This Weeks Message

LTC Hoodies

If you would like to order a year 12 hoodie/varsity in time for Winter, please order before 26/3. Reform offers adult unisex sizing so please read both sheets below.

LTC Sporting Dates for the Fridge Door

Rugby League 9’s – Thursday 19th March
Futsal – Wednesday 24th March
Rugby League – Tuesday 30th March

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