Week 6 News

In this Weeks News

  • Life, Leisure and Learning Classes – An Investigation
  • Databases Webinar
  • Progress reports emailed 15/3
  • This Weeks Message
  • Harmony Week
  • Ordering your Hoodie

Life, Leisure and Learning Classes Investigation

After watching “That Sugar Film”, students in the Life, Leisure and Learning classes investigated how many teaspoons of sugar are in common food items from the supermarket. They had to locate this information in the nutritional table, which they have been learning to understand, and then they had to convert the listed amount of sugar from grams to teaspoons. Finally they spooned out the correct amount of teaspoons per serving for each item. They were surprised by how small serving sizes are and how much sugar there is per serve in some of our most common food items. 

Have a look at what they found. 

This Weeks Message

LTC Hoodies

If you would like to order a year 12 hoodie/varsity in time for Winter, please order before 26/3. Reform offers adult unisex sizing so please read both sheets below.

LTC Sporting Dates for the Fridge Door

Baseball – Wednesday 10th March
Girls Rugby League Tag – Thursday 11th March
Union 7’s – Friday 12th March
Rugby League 9’s – Thursday 19th March
Futsal – Wednesday 24th March
Rugby League – Tuesday 30th March

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