Week 5 News

In this Weeks News

  • Julie Murkin’s temporary farewell
  • Kavisha Kuruppu
  • Youth Engagement Forum at the Tuggeranong Community Council
  • Drones R Unit
  • Stefan’s Screen Speak
  • This Weeks Message
  • Sporting Dates for this term

Julie’s Farewell, a temporary goodbye

Under some circumstances the photos can tell a story. At today’s farewell Julie endured a farewell song, from the staff – all in good fun.

A fond fairwell
“If you leave me can I come too”
Assembled staff congratulating Julie on her new role.

Kavisha Kuruppu

At just 16 years old, Kavisha Kuruppu has had her research paper on individual plumage patterns of Australian Magpies published in Australian Zoologist, a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Kavisha had always been interested in biology and wildlife – so in Year 10 last year her science teacher at Namadgi School recommended the Science Mentors Program and helped to fill out the application.

Science Mentors ACT provides ACT public school students in years nine to 12 the opportunity to work with science and engineering professionals on extended, student-driven investigations.

Over the course of eight months, students work with their mentor to design and conduct an experiment, collect, and analyse data, and write a report on their findings.

This rich, supplementary learning helps students with an interest or passion take their education to the next level.

Kavisha was thrilled to be accepted in the program and was soon paired with Dr Denis Saunders AM, a former CSIRO Chief Research Scientist, and an expert Animal Ecologist and Conservation Biologist. 

Under his mentorship, Kavisha researched whether volunteers could identify birds based on their plumage patterns.

Identification of individuals is a key research tool in studying animal behaviour and ecology.

Through their research Kavisha and Denis concluded that it is possible for humans to recognise individual Australian Magpies based on the birds’ plumage patterns.

Kavisha dreams of becoming a wildlife conservationist – and with a suite of science classes underway at Lake Tuggeranong College, she will continue to develop her skills and expertise. With one published paper already under her belt, Kavisha knows what she’s capable of achieving.

Year 11 student at Lake Tuggeranong College, Kavisha Kuruppu, has had her research paper on magpies recently published in the National Zoologist – an ACT first ! Congratulations on your achievement, Kavisha.
Photo: Kelly White

Check out Kavisha’s research here:

Kuruppu, Ishini & Saunders, Denis. (2020). Distinctive plumage patterns enable individual recognition of the Australian Magpie Cracticus tibicen. Australian Zoologist. 10.7882/AZ.2020.046. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/346654088_Distinctive_plumage_patterns_enable_individual_recognition_of_the_Australian_Magpie_Cracticus_tibicen

Article: Kelly White

Youth Engagement Forum

The TCC Youth Engagement Forum for 2021 scheduled for the 29th April from 12.30 to 3pm, at Communities@Work – 245 Cowlishaw Street, Tuggeranong. The TCC is seeking two students from the college and this is an opportunity to have your say about the Tuggeranong Valley, Future Development, Environment, Water and Climate change.

Drones R Unit

Lake Tuggeranong College students are invited to participate in a Drone Training Registered Unit, run collaboratively with Erindale College. 

When and where?

The sessions will take place at Erindale College on Thursday afternoons during Terms 1 and 2, 1.45pm to 3.00pm in the Erindale PLC Room commencing Week 6, Term 1 (11th March 2021).

What will you learn?

Students will learn the basics of controlling and flying light indoor drones.  There will also be occasional opportunities to learn the basics of industrial drones, including CASA rules and requirements, mission planning (and the meteorological, geographic, electronics and other relevant considerations) involved in drone flight and information about career opportunities in the area.

Stefan’s Screen Speak

Stefan is well known to students, staff and Alumni for his contribution as a teacher and educational leader at Lake Tuggeranong College.

Stefan has launched a new online project, Screen Speak. With the changing media landscape during last year’s  season of all things ”unprecedented”, Stefan has decided it was time to head off in a new film direction in his fanatical obsession of all things film and cinematic.

Welcome to Screen Speak, a film and cinema blog for reviews, comments, chats, interviews, film terminology, quotes and fun facts.  More than film reviews.

Visit and subscribe (free) to Screen Speak to get auto updates every time Stefan posts.

If you follow me @eclecticstefan and @eclecticstefan_coffeeshop then will will have seen posts announcing the launch of Screen Speak.

This Weeks Message

Due Dates for many assignments are starting to occur. It’s just as important to submit all your assessable work and to discuss your projects with your teachers. Extensions where appropriate can be negotiated with Executive Teachers and Year Co-ordinators. Progress reports are due to be emailed on the 15/3.

LTC Sporting Dates for the Fridge Door

Beach Volleyball – Friday 5th March (You should have seen Darlene by now!!)
Baseball – Wednesday 10th March
Girls Rugby League Tag – Thursday 11th March
Union 7’s – Friday 12th March
Rugby League 9’s – Thursday 19th March
Futsal – Wednesday 24th March
Rugby League – Tuesday 30th March

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