Week 7 News

In this week’s news:

  • AST
  • Music Collaboration Photos
  • Drama in the Open


This week our Year 12 Tertiary students sat the AST (Australian Skills Test) in the gym. There were two sessions one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. Students completing an Accredited program were able to attend existing classes.

Also during the week we had some of our intending Year 10 students spend time in classes at the college. During this time they could try out some of the work they might expect in the their 1st term.


Music Collaboration Photos

Music Collaboration is a College Connect activity that welcomes all students to come and spend some time enjoying music. Skilled musicians can improve their skills and collaborate with other musicians to form different styles of ensembles. Beginners are invited to learn an instrument or like Jodieana who is a guitarist/vocalist, you can learn more instruments. Jodieana is currently learning bass guitar and drums.

In the photos Victoria Jones and Grace Harris (behind). Jodieana Pouono Tusiane in all others.

Drama in the Open

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