Week 8 News

In this week’s news:

  • How do you become a news item when you are a media student?
  • From Lock down in pictures – the return from Online learning.

How do you become a news item when you are a Media student?

Monika Dunvjak, Markus Mele, Connor Desmond  and Hayley Jenkins found that they had suddenly become a news item. The students have been working very hard to ensure that Year 12 will have a successful formal and graduation within the social distancing restrictions currently in force. For Hayley Jenkins, an enthusiastic Media student this was a chance to see how the ABC news team works at the same time as being the subject of the news. The broadcast is expected for the 12th September ABC News shortly after 7pm.

The team of students have been working together to look at the logistics of this years formal and graduation. Monika Duvnjak has been involved in the initial planning, Markus Mele has been active on the logistics, Connor Desmond and Jade Harlovich have been surveying the student cohort for their memories for an AV presentation and Jade Harlovich  is collating formal ideas. Hayley Jenkins will be assembling a video of the students and their finest moments in year 11 and 12.

Term 3 in Pictures

Term 3 classes end today (11/9) a celebration of the term, from the time we returned from lock-down, are represented in these images.

Returning at the end of term 2.

Moments from the Gathering

Our Arts Staff

Our success Assembly

Stem – Carpentry

Making a wooden mallett.

Photography Excursion to the Murrumbidgee

Graphic Design and Visual Communications

Rehearsals for the Drama Production

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