Week 6 News

In this week’s news:

  • Leila Unearthed on Triple J
  • Parent Survey
  • Photography Excursion
  • The Story of the Nike Logo – Design by Bryn Sinstead-Reid

Leila Rooney Unearthed

With lots of encouragement our music teacher here at Lake Tuggeranong College, convinced Year 12 Music student Leila Rooney to submit three original songs to Triple J Unearthed High competition.

Ironically the two songs selected to be in the running were  S1 Performance 2 Assessment and a Graphic Notation Composition Task.

Danuta has played this to the Year 12 music class recently and said “Good things can happen through assessment tasks!”. There were cheers and tears.

Have a listen and feel free to Like and Share.

Hopefully it might get some real airplay time on Triple J.


Parent Survey

Parents: Want to help improve our school?

A number of parents and carers have already completed the 2020 School Satisfaction & Climate Survey but, for the results to reflect the opinions of our whole school community, we need as many of you as possible to complete the survey before 31 August.

If you cannot locate the unique survey link sent to you on Monday 10 August (your child’s name and school will be in the first line of the email) or did not receive one, please use this link to take the survey: https://tinyurl.com/y6y8owmj . You will need to have your child’s Student ID handy. To complete the survey for a second child, simply click on the link again.

Thanks to all our families who have completed the survey; your feedback is appreciated.

Photography Excursion to Pine Island

Photo communications classes this week have been able to put what they have been learning in class in to practice out at Pine Island Reserve.
Students were capturing landscape photographs for their current practical task and were able to practice long exposures using ND filters and bracketing in this beautiful landscape and even catch the sunset!

The Story of the Nike Logo

Design Report by Bryn Sinstead-Reid

This week the students submitted their research based into visual communication for the Graphic Design course. Visual Communications is a huge area spanning aspects of info graphics, signage, advertising to government policy and propaganda. The work below by Bryn Sinstead-Reid looks at the story behind the Nike logo, one of the most powerful and enduring visual symbols of the 21st century. His report begins with some terrific design, well done Bryn.

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