Week 5 News

In this week’s news:

  • Thankyou Vina Bakehouse and Coffee Shop
  • Can you spot the little imp in our library?  Scroll down to find her!
  • Build me a Mallet
  • Belly Dancing
  • Can you spot the little imp in our library?  Scroll down to find her!
  • Student Leadership Opportunities. Be a change maker, sign up today.

Vina Bakehouse and Coffee Shop

“A huge thank you to Quan Nguyen at Vina Bakery & Coffee Shop in Wanniassa, for very kindly supporting the LTC Breakfast Club with a weekly donation of delicious bread.  Pop in and try some of his yummy treats, pies and a variety of delicious breads.  Not to mention good coffee 😊”

Can you spot the little imp in our library?  Scroll down to find her!

Building me a Mallet

As you can see from the photograph above Gabi Jones and Abbey Holmes are very focused in their work. “You have to be very focused and precise in your measurements” say the two young carpenters.

The assessment piece that the girls are working on is part of the practical assessment task which is 60% of their grade. The timber mallet is being made from Tasmanian Oak (or mountain ash) which is a native Australian hardwood found predominantly in Tasmania. The timber mallet is part of the assessment schedule as it allows students to demonstrate competence for a number of competencies we are completing during their college career potentially leading to a Cert II in Construction Pathways. Skills involved in the construction of the mallet include: precise marking out, hand tool use including use of a hand plane, gluing procedures and finishing with sanding and oil application.  It also allows them to individually construct and take home a tool that can be used in the future if they chose to pursue a career in the building industry or even for use at home. Future practical tasks include the construction of a number of dog houses built to a number of different designs and sizes which will be available for purchase upon completion.

Belly Dancing Practice at College Connect

Leila Rooney, Sanjeta Sridhar Kyle Martinez, Patrick Vann (far right)
Sanjeta Sridhar and Kyle Martinez

 Students were learning smooth hip movements in Bellydance. They learnt how to do vertical and horizontal figure eighths with their hips. 

Naughty Velma!

Becoming an Oaktree Student Ambassador

Oaktree is looking for our next generation of Student Ambassadors. As an Oaktree Student Ambassador, you will play a crucial role in driving the success of our campaigns, such as Live Below the Line. This role is for the passionate dreamers with a relentless thirst for justice. You will become a leader in your community, recruiting friends, classmates, and even family to get involved in our campaigns. You will brainstorm creative stunts that present Oaktree’s vision and mission, watching them blossom into fruition. Click here to see the position description.

What does an Oaktree Student Ambassador look like?

  • You’re creative and innovative, someone who loves to try new things
  • You’re driven and proactive – you seek out new opportunities and challenges, making the most out of your high school life
  • You’re keen – we’re talking about students ready to engage their community and rally support for Oaktree’s work
  • You’re passionate about social justice!

What you get out of it:

  • New skills – you will work closely with other Oaktree volunteers and Ambassadors, attending skills trainings and workshops every month
  • New friends – you will be introduced to a whole network of like-minded people as equally enthusiastic as you
  • New memories – beyond everything else, Oaktree also wants you to have fun working with us and we hope your time as a Student Ambassador becomes a period of personal growth, exciting change-making and having a blast!

Any questions? Just email us at studentambassadors@oaktree.org

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