Week 2 News

In this week’s news:

  • Important dates
  • Success Assembly
  • LTC Alumini Stephanie McClory exhibits her work
  • Online booking with our college Psychologist.

Important Dates

30/7 Parent Teacher Student Interviews concluded.

Success Assembly

Our Success Assembly for semester 1 has been a celebration of our students hard work during a difficult time. Julie Murkins introduced the event for us and the students’ receiving the awards will be posted to Facebook. Please click on the link to, The Success Assembly

Congratulations to Cindy Tran for her award at the Success Assembly. And thanks to Annalise Laverie for your photography.

LTC Alumini Exhibits her work

Stephanie McClory, Whisper(detail), 2020, acrylic on canvas, 81.5 x 81.5cm

This artwork is by, Stephanie McClory (ex student of L.T.C) and winner of the 2018 Eurobodalla Art Prize (Biennial Basil Sellers Art Prize), first solo exhibition Hidden. She has worked incredibly hard to maintain a full time career and work towards this outstanding event. We’re all incredibly proud of her achievements. We can’t wait to see the exhibition at Basil Sellers Exhibition Centre on the 29th August.

Stephanie’s practice uses hyper-realism and elements of chiaroscuro techniques to explore vulnerability and thoughtful moments of contemplation in her subjects. The viewer is given a glimpse into a private moment, the aim of which is to suspend the emotional state of her sitter, while evoking an emotional response in the viewer.Please give her your support.

Online booking with our school Psychologist

“Bookings for psychologists at LTC can now be done online. Going to https://bit.ly/psychaApptLTC  Or https://bit.ly/EllenSheridan_SchoolPsychappts will bring up a calendar for you to select an appointment time that suits you”. The How to Book document could also be included?

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