Week 3 News

In this week’s news:

  • Young Workers Survey
  • New Seasons Glass and Ceramics
  • Careers Website
  • Online booking with our psychologist.

Young Workers Survey

UnionsACT’s Young Workers Centre is conducting a survey of young workers in Canberra (including those who are unemployed) to develop data about the impacts of COVID-19 on their work and lives and their experiences with employers, JobKeeper and WHS.

If you’d like to take the survey, or you know of young workers who might, you can find it at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WSSJFTS. It’s confidential, only takes around 10 minutes, and by completing it you get the chance to win one of five $200 Mastercard gift cards.  

Drawing with Glass

This artwork is a test firing by Lake Tuggeranong College students from Year 11 and 12. Using small lines of glass called “stringers” the students have used their own lines drawings to test the possibilities with medium.

New Ceramics

This semester the Wheel work in Ceramics class is developing a group process making use of wheel thrown stacked cylinders, these will be used to create an exquisite corpse group sculpture. These are the first tests of this process.

Careers Website

Thinking about careers? Why not check out our website before heading over to talk to Lalita Deo.


Sincere congratulations to all involved in the recent the Year 10 Maths workshops at Lake Tuggeranong College, this week.  They have been an overwhelming success, meeting a really obvious need, to encourage female students in Mathematics.

Online booking with our school Psychologist

“Bookings for psychologists at LTC can now be done online. Going to https://bit.ly/psychaApptLTC  Or https://bit.ly/EllenSheridan_SchoolPsychappts will bring up a calendar for you to select an appointment time that suits you”. The How to Book document could also be included?

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