Week 20 News

In this week’s news:

  • Important dates
  • Minister for Education Visits Lake Tuggeranong College
  • The Arts Staff wish the best Arts T/A Dave Chiddick
  • Scaling Session – How the ATAR works
  • Keys to Success

Important Dates

20/7 Day 1 Semester 2

29/ 7 Success Assembly

Minister for Education Visits Lake Tuggeranong College

In this weeks news Minister Berry arrived at Lake Tuggeranong College to present Owen Carpenter with his successful STEM funding application. Before starting her presentation. Patrick Vann (above) completed an Acknowledgement of Country.

Ms Berry discusses the importance of providing young women with the opportunity to join the STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) areas and to provide those opportunities through education – 50% of current jobs with skill shortages are in STEM fields. Currently 30% of 15 year old do not have STEM skills that employers want.

Mr Owen Carpenter describes his vision, for a STEM based project to the education minister, Yvette Berry and two of our Year 12 students. Ananya Giridhar and Delia Thompson , listen carefully to Owen and the new possibilities the funding provides.

The Arts Staff wish Dave Chittick the best

Owen, Richard, Lyndsey, Danuta and Jo (back) Tiffany and Rachel (front).

The Arts and Technology staff bid farewell to Dave Chittick who has been providing us with support. You can see from the slightly crazy end of semester photo that they needed that support, so many thanks Dave for all your help with removing things carrying things, ordering things and locating things, all of the things – without you the faculties would have ground to a halt.

Dave will be heading into the deep north where he can see a lot more stars and landscape and a lot less paper work. He was presented with insect netting to place over his head, cause we know what the flies will be like up there.

It is with great sadness that LTC is saying farewell to Dave Chittick who retired today.

Dave came to LTC as a Tech Assistant for the Arts and Technology Faculties six years ago. We very quickly discovered that he was no ordinary assistant and an extraordinary person that became a huge asset to the staff and student community at LTC.

No project was too big and everything was done at great speed, with minimal costs and to perfection! From construction to theatrical sets, to courtyard and agricultural gardens to creative artistic displays and interior design and fit outs. He had old school hard work ethics but loved to stay up to date with modern technology and learn new ways to get the job done properly. He will be missed by all. We wish him happy travels and a well-earned adventurous retirement!!!

Scaling Session Info – How the ATAR Works.

This week Elliot Davis discussed the BSSS marking and ranking method. How is a Unit Grade determined, what is the difference between a raw score and a scaled score? As the presentation is quite detailed it can be accessed via You Tube.

Moments before the Australian Skills Test (AST)

Key to Success for Semester 2

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