Week 19 News

In this week’s news:

  • Important dates
  • Exams Completed
  • Covid 19 Restrictions Ease
  • Road Map for Schools (further information on the easing of restrictions)

Important Dates

As we approach the end of term there are some important dates coming up. Please add them to your calendar.

26/6 Students Unit Scores available (through BSSS website )

3/7 Semester 1 Break

Exams Complete

This week we completed a successful exam season, able to stage the exams, from Maths Applications to the AST. And as you can see from the image below Lake Tuggeranong College was able to provide plenty of space between each of the student, in order to work safely.

Moments before the Australian Skills Test (AST)

ACT Health Advice for students.

A Road Map for Schools

Page 1
Page 2

The Changes to the Bus Timetables

From Saturday 18 July 2020, Transport Canberra will be updating timetables for bus services.

These changes will help make public transport in Canberra easier to use by providing more services and increased frequency, to ensure that people have greater opportunity to spread out their travel across the day as we recover from COVID-19.

Transport Canberra has worked closely with the school community and we are providing increased frequency and additional services for school students across Canberra.

As a new timetable is being introduced, there will be minor changes for all students travelling to and from school on public transport across Canberra from the first day of Term 3, 2020 (Monday 20 July 2020). In most cases, this will mean that students will catch the same service from the same stop, but the times that services arrive and leave may change.

All schools, parents and students can find out more about the specific changes by:

You can help make sure everyone is prepared by letting parents, students and others in your school community know about the changes through school emails, social media, newsletters or notices. To assist, I have attached information about the specific changes for your school to this letter.

Should you have any queries regarding your school service or regular route services servicing your school please call 13 17 10.

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