Week 11 News

In this week’s news:

  • The story behind the pic.
  • Enrolment for 2021
  • Student Backpack – accessing the apps

Abbie Buckmaster and Abby Climpson. In Cosmetic Science class in 2017

After recognising two of our Alumni students the challenge was on to recognise the class and recall the moment. The student in the photo, currently being used to promote enrollment in ACT Education was recognised by James Phillips and Ari Phaiyakounh. The class was a Cosmetic Science class. Very sharp memories Jim and Ari!

Enrolling for 2021

Have you been using the Student Backpack??

A quick way to avoid frustration: USE THE BACKPACK to access all your LTC apps!


It automatically logs you in to Clickview, Schoolsnet email, Drive, Classroom, the whole shebang in one place.  Get that Clickview video easily!  Access schoolwork via Google in one spot!


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