Week 12 News

In this week’s news:

  • Breaking Free – Crazy Idea
  • Working towards a just world
  • Lock-down Photographic Moments

We want to break free

The idea was originally floated to the staff, by our drama teacher Lyndsey Houghton, to reach students in isolation. “So I am looking for volunteers to help me put together a lip sync video with as many members of staff as possible to make a fun video for our students.” she wrote via email.

“If you are interested in taking part, my plan was to give a line to each person to record themselves at home lip syncing to that line. I will then (hopefully) edit it together into one song and we can send it out to all our students early next term.”

“Breaking Free” is posted on Facebook.

Julie Murkins breaking free with the help of Rizla

The filming for Breaking Free took many takes Rachel Rooney describes the shoot in her own words, “OMG the moustache kept sliding down my face, we tacked up Leila’s quilt cover for the back drop, that took some time, we had a problem with taking it seriously and singing because we couldn’t stop laughing, I nearly wiped out both girls with my guitar non playing skills, and there was a scene with a teddy bear which wasn’t used!!!”

Young People working towards a just world.

Dear Lake Tuggeranong College,

My name is Arielle Blokker and I am an ACT Community Engagement Officer at Oaktree. Oaktree is Australia’s largest youth-led not-for-profit international development organisation, committed to championing young people as key social and political change-makers. As well as funding education and leadership programs overseas, we build the capacity and influence of young people in Australia. Our Student Ambassador Program transforms hundreds of young Australians into agents of change, empowering them to advocate for a more just world and youth participation in decision-making.  I’m reaching out today to offer students at Lake Tuggeranong College the chance to participate in this program. 

We understand that Covid-19 has made many current leadership and educational opportunities for young people infeasible. Now more than ever, young people need opportunities for hope, change and connection. This is why, at Oaktree, we have adapted to transition our entire Student Ambassador Program fully online, so that your students can benefit from a learning and personal development program that is safe for both themselves and their communities. This is a fantastic way for young people to use this time, of reflection and of standstill, to reach out, to reinvest in themselves and to build the capacity they will need for their future. 


Our Student Ambassador Program is a leadership and professional development opportunity for high school students aged 14 and over. Along with shifting our program online this year, we have decided to tailor our program by incorporating some of the more pressing and relevant issues we are currently facing. 

Our online program now consists of two workshops. The first workshop will address both the short-term and long-term impacts of Covid-19 on young people as well as share ways to combat and thrive in our current environment. 

The focus of the second workshop will be around access to education, highlighting the various ways students can proactively learn even during times of crises. 

In the case that lockdown restrictions are loosened later on in the year, we will revert back to our original program. This will feature four workshops in Semester 2, where Student Ambassadors develop skills in communication, leadership, project management, fundraising and pitching, empowering them to lead, demand and create a more just world. Our Student Ambassadors gain real world experience brainstorming, planning, developing, managing, executing and evaluating their own Live Below the Line Fundraiser.

Keen to get involved contact helen.uren-randall@ed.act.edu.au

Enrolling for 2021

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