Week 10 News

In this week’s news:

  • Lake Tuggeranong College – Guide to Term 2.
  • Gardens and working from home
  • Student Backpack

A Guide to Term 2

Dear Students and Families,

Firstly,  you are powerfully in our thoughts.  We always get anxious as the school holidays loom, but I know I speak for everyone on staff when I say that this magnified a million-fold this time around.  If you take just one thing from this email, I would like it to be that you have the name and contact details of someone significant to you from the college, and you keep it handy over the upcoming school holiday period.  Use it if you need to.  Reach out.  Guess what?  None of us are going anywhere!

We have been working on a Guide for students and families so that you know how Term 2 will work.  It is not a single document – it’s far too ‘big’ for that. I present to you a Google Site called ‘LTC Online’ – a single place where you can find key information about learning in Term 2. 

The link is   https://sites.google.com/ed.act.edu.au/ltconlinelearning    

You will notice that there are two streams – one called ‘My Learning’, and one called ‘My Wellbeing’.  They are not mutually exclusive, but they mirror our college structures and hopefully make sense at your end.  Each stream has a summary sheet, a FAQ, and other key reference materials – tips and tricks. We will update the Google Site as things emerge from the Directorate and/or from our own growing knowledge about what works in remote learning.  Stay tuned. This Google Site will be our source of truth for you going forward.

Please note that this site does not replace or mimic the Google Classrooms that our teachers have set up – it is the Google Classrooms where all of the weekly and day-to-day ‘work’ happens.  A good way to think about this Google Site is that it is a reference place.

Parents – you will see a few answers to your key questions in the FAQs on the Google Site.  E.g. it will tell you how to be part of your son/daughter’s Google Classrooms.  It will reinforce how you get in contact with the college if you notice your son/daughter is experiencing difficulties.

Students – you will see that teachers will be giving you clear instructions via their Google Classrooms on what and when you can expect work to be posted and when they are available to you for checking in .  

ALL – you will notice that whilst ever ACT public schools remain open, we are starting up a LTC Safe Drop-In Centre as of Wednesday 29th April (Week 1, Term 2).  There is a document describing this facility under ‘My Learning’ on the Google Site.  Click on the link above.

ACT public schools are anticipating hearing more from the Minister as soon as this afternoon.  We anticipate that the Minister will have something to say on matters such as internet access in the home, as well as how schools can help families and learners in these tricky times.  We will make sure big updates like this go up on the Google Site. 

If, having had a look at the Google Site, you have further questions, PLEASE send them to me so that I can add them and the college response to the FAQs – I bet you aren’t the only person with that question!

A final word:  Term 2 starts Tuesday 28th April 2020.  Classroom teachers will be prepp’ing work to take effect from that date. 

Yours sincerely,

Julie Murkins 


Lake Tuggeranong College


Cowlishaw Street | Tuggeranong ACT 2901

P:  02 6142 3666     |M: 0408 006 547


Gardens – working from home.

Really just an image to mark the end what has been an extraordinary term 1 and and start to the year. The Pompon Dahlia marks this period of working from home within a digital landscape with the idea of getting out to smell the flowers.

Thank you to all those staff and students who have contributed to the blog this term.

From a Teachers’ garden

Student Backpack

A quick way to avoid frustration: USE THE BACKPACK to access all your LTC apps!


It automatically logs you in to Clickview, Schoolsnet email, Drive, Classroom, the whole shebang in one place.  Get that Clickview video easily!  Access schoolwork via Google in one spot!


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  1. Jocelyn Kidd says:

    THANK YOU Julie and your wonderful team at LTC for your hard work, obvious care and clear communication throughout this crazy pandemic. This is definitely a unique year 12!!


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