Week 9 News

In this week’s news:

  • Photography of Architecture
  • Our Chooks Now
  • Headspace – Covid 19

The Photography of Architecture

Students in Photography have been working on the genre of architecture photography throughout this term.

We have talked about the importance of time of day and looking at the focus of the image, making sure there aren’t any distracting elements. Kai Moebus’s image taken at night is an excellent example, the lighting highlights the structural elements and design in the dark of the night.

Photo by Kai Moebus

We have looked at different techniques like Nico Goodden’s minimalist style you can see student Shanise Galea has reflected in her image of Old Parliament House.

Photo by Shanise Galea

The students are to take a large amount of images of the same building for the assignment. This forces students to look for interesting details they can document as well as the whole building and function of the building if possible.

This third image (by Jayden Beattie) is a panorama photo showing more of the building structure of the John Curtain School of Medical Research at ANU.

Photo by Jayden Beattie

This last part became difficult as buildings have closed with the current situation. These were a few images taken by students of different buildings in Canberra. Students have also been encouraged to take images of their own residential homes or buildings where there were minimal people around.

Students in Photography have been also enjoying the Zoom online classes,  word is Tiffany has been introduced to many pets popping in to say hi. 

Our Chooks Now.

Our students may have been mystified by the disappearance of our chooks from the Ag plot as they wandered in for their first morning class, earlier in the year. Roger, Penny and Gertrude are safe and loved in a new home. As you can see from the image below they settled in very quickly thanks to the expert care from Danuta Mrowka, Visual and Performing Arts SLC.

The first day out under the Lilac tree


Penny resting near the new chicken coup

Gertrude and Roger

Gertrude and Roger inspecting the new chicken coup

Penny and Maximus

Penny has made a new friend called Maximus the Currawong. He too is a rescue bird from LTC. Found Maximus between Pavilion 3 & 4 kicked out of his nest and abandoned 11th November 2019. He likes to hang around these days and fascinated with Penny. I think he wants her to be Mother Hen.

Headspace – Providing support

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