Week 8 News

In this week’s news:

  • Message from the Principal
  • Gratitude Poster
  • Headspace – Covid 19
  • LTC Wellbeing Advice
  • LTC Academic Advice

Information on the Current Situation

Good morning families and students

I appreciate that many of you have been eagerly awaiting word from us regarding the current situation at the college.  Sincere apologies for this message only coming out just now – we have been seeking absolute clarity of message, rather than rushing out.  We believe we now have that clarity.

Below is two really important sets of advice.  I will summarise them both via some hypothetical questions and answers, but I strongly urge you to read the two documents.

We are open!  We want learning to keep ticking along. Our approach may not be exactly the same as other ACT public colleges, but this is the approach we want to take for our students and families.

Question:  are classes continuing while we are pupil-free?

Answer:  YES – although it will be a much scaled-down set of work/activities.  All of these pieces of work are on Google Classrooms.  Students absolutely should know their classroom codes.  If they don’t, they need to get in immediate contact with their classroom teacher using the email firstname.familyname@ed.act.edu.au or call the college HelpDesk on 6142 3709.

Question:  is this scaled down work compulsory?

Answer:  Not compulsory, but STRONGLY ADVISED! We want to keep our students learning – even if it is at less pace and complexity.  We believe it is vital to stay in touch with the college and with teachers and classwork.  It’s also a great way to occupy time!

Question:  what about assessment items for the Senior Secondary Certificate?

Answer:  LTC will continue to expect students to complete and submit already-set assessable items. Of course we are aware that this will be tricky for some students (could be IT/internet issue, could be challenges of working without face-to-face teaching) – WE WILL SUPPORT YOU ON A CASE-BY-CASE BASIS, so it is more important than ever that students let their classroom teachers know of challenges they face with assessment items between now and the 9th April.

Question:  There is no way we/I feel confident in this online space of learning.  What do we/I do?

Answer:  If you are a student, you immediately contact College Life – Richard.fox@ed.act.edu.au or any other College Life staff member that you have already been to see.  If you are a parent/carer of a student with a disability, you immediately contact Jennifer.bodell@ed.act.edu.au .  Parents/carers can also contact Richard Fox or John Alston-Campbell – our two deputies.  Richard.fox@ed.act.edu.au  john.alston-campbell@ed.act.edu.au

I am here.  I am contactable any time.  Reach out.  Look after yourselves, and we shall see you all on the other side of this situation.

Yours sincerely,

Julie Murkins 


Lake Tuggeranong College


Cowlishaw Street | Tuggeranong ACT 2901

P:  02 6142 3666     |M: 0408 006 547

Gratitude Poster

Essential – stop, think and thank.

Late last week staff got together to show some appreciation for each other and for the work that they do. During these challenging times a little recognition goes along way.

Headspace – Open For Business

LTC Wellbeing Advice

COVID-19 and Lake Tuggeranong College

Wellbeing Advice & Support

24th March 2020

Dear students and families,


We are currently operating in a pupil-free school, BUT our teachers and wellbeing support staff remain active and available to our off-site students and families! 

In this phase (i.e. from today through to Thursday 9th April – the last day of Term 1, 2020) LTC students should reach out to either their classroom teacher/s OR College Life staff, if they are in need of support.

Parents can access us by emailing TUGC_Absences@ed.act.edu.au OR going direct to classroom teachers.

With the declaration that learning in the ACT is to move ‘online’, Lake Tuggeranong College is committed to ensuring the wellbeing of each and every student is front and centre. 

Just as students’ academic wellbeing is important, so too is their social and emotional wellbeing. For the period of time that we are operating as a pupil-free our students will experience challenges that will test their emotional resources. For most young people family members provide emotional support in the first instance. This is not the case for all young people all the time.

Lake Tuggeranong College staff will provide remote support for any and all students to the best of our ability. The importance of help-seeking behaviour from young people cannot be stressed too much at this time.

  • Students already linked to a support staff will be periodically contacted by that adult as a check-in. Contact could be a phone call, email or SMS.
  • Students not currently connected to an LTC adult but know they would benefit by chatting to an LTC staff member are strongly encouraged to do so by using our universal email address TUGC_Absences@ed.act.edu.au. (We are commandeering this email address while students are not accessing the campus). This email will be checked multiple times daily and acted on immediately. Important initial information to include to this email are: name of student, presenting issue in brief, preferred LTC staff member for follow-up contact if anyone.
  • Please see the information below that details external online services that students or parents may choose to access. Young adults like the anonymous and 24 hour nature of online support services.
  • Where a student is unable to continue to participate in online learning due to circumstances out of their control – sickness, mental health or family crisis – please explain the circumstances in an email to richard.fox@ed.act.edu.au AND elliot.davis@ed.act.edu.au We will be in touch with you to determine a way forward that does not disadvantage the student.
  • If your son/daughter/ward is currently accessing the HUB or the Resource Room and is needing to reach out for support please email richard.fox@ed.act.edu AND jennifer.bodell@ed.act.edu.au Again, we will get back to you promptly.
  • Our school psychologists stephen.henry@ed.act.edu.au and ellen.sheridan@ed.act.edu.au can be contacted by email to make a phone call appointment

We all appreciate the matter of school operations at this time is rapidly changing. The College Life Team at LTC will adapt to these changes and continue to provide the best support possible.

We thank you for your patience and understanding and look forward to maintaining contact with you as a part of our LTC community over this period.  This email will also contain an academic communique.

Forecasting Term 2 arrangements

LTC intends being in a position to run all classes and support services online as of Tuesday 28th April 2020. 

By Thursday 9th April, all students and families will receive a Guide to LTC Online Learning.  In addition to advice and information about ‘classes’, this Guide will reference wellbeing support structures.

Usual email and phone contact systems will operate.

Richard Fox
Deputy Principal – College Life

Lake Tuggeranong College

LTC Academic Advice

COVID-19 and Lake Tuggeranong College

Academic Advice & Support

24th March 2020

Dear students and families,


We are currently operating in a pupil-free school, BUT our teachers are still posting work online via Google Classrooms to keep the learning going! 

In this phase (i.e. from today through to Thursday 9th April – the last day of Term 1, 2020) LTC students should check in with their Google Classroom each day to receive instructions from teachers about reduced but helpful class work.

With the declaration that learning in the ACT is to move ‘online’, Lake Tuggeranong College is committed to ensuring that no student is disadvantaged by national and world events beyond their control. Our priority is the continuing education of our young people because we know that life-long learning and the ability to make considered and thoughtful decisions is intrinsic to living a meaningful life. 

We are also keenly aware of the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS) requirements for the award of certificates at the end of year 12. We will continue to work in ways that ensure students can be assured of experiencing rigorous and high-quality lessons from Lake Tuggeranong College teachers. Our goal is that our students qualify for their chosen certificate at the end of the year regardless of national and global disruption. 

To these ends, we have asked that all staff provide clear directions to students for each lesson via their Google Classroom page. Students are required to check their Google Classrooms throughout each day for instructions including requirements for completion. 

Each teacher will be tracking students’ participation and students will be expected to complete all work set. BSSS policy stipulates that if participation in set classwork falls below 90% of the equivalent face-to-face hours then that student may not be awarded points for that unit. Most teachers previously have focussed only on the attendance aspect of this policy so tracking participation is new for all of us.

To help support students we will ensure that each student has a parental contact email associated with their Google Classroom accounts. This means that families can be alerted to any work not completed within the time allowed. Our teachers will follow up with you in cases of incomplete work that may result in a V grade.

Many students have assessment upcoming. Many assessments are going ahead as planned but some cannot. Students will receive information about any changes to assessment via their classroom teachers in the Google Classroom space – another powerful reason to get your son/daughter to check in each day. Where assessment needs to be varied, it is a BSSS requirement that students be alerted via a revised unit outline. This will be a school priority this week so that students can be assured of meeting their assessment requirements. 

Student capability, wellbeing and resilience remain the strong focus of our College Life team. We are currently working on a student and family guide to working remotely that should be available within the week. In the meantime, and always, contact our College Life team directly for all wellbeing concerns. This email will also contain a wellbeing communique.

Forecasting Term 2 arrangements

LTC intends being in a position to run all classes online as of Tuesday 28th April 2020. 

By Thursday 9th April, all students and families will receive a Guide to LTC Online Learning.  It will contain a timetable structure clearly showing how and when students and families can access their teachers, as well as a comprehensive set of instructions for learning. 

It will contain a link to updated Unit Outlines, clearly showing assessment requirements.

Our default learning platform will be Google Classroom.

John Alston-Campbell
Deputy Principal – Teaching and Learning

Lake Tuggeranong College

A Parent Guild for Google Classroom

Please copy and paste the link below into your browser for information on Google Classroom.


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