Week 7 News

In this week’s news:

  • COVID – 19 Update for Families 20/3
  • COVID – 19 at College
  • BSSS – Advice to parents and students
  • Online Learning
  • Year 12 – Hoodies

Corona Virus – Update for Families

Friday 20th March

Response to COVID-19 at Lake Tuggeranong College

Today’s messages are about us minimising health risks here at college. 

On Monday (23rd March), you will receive an update specifically focused on how we are delivering and assessing learning in an increasingly online environment.  Stay tuned for that one!

Minimising the risk of contagion in our college:

Current situation –

  • we have a number of staff who are in self-isolation. More and more classes are happening via Google Classroom. If you have issues with your home wi-fi or other technical concerns, please ring our IT officer, Cameron on 6142 3682.
  • our facilities are open.  Classes are continuing in one form or another.
  • we have increasing numbers of families keeping their young people home from college as part of community health. Thank you for keeping us updated – much appreciated.

New preventative actions, as of today,

  • we are practising social distancing at college – classes are being spread out, safe proximity between staff and between students is being enacted.  We are strongly messaging to our students that whilst we want them physically apart, we want them to stay connected to their friends in other ways.
  • we are ramping up our reminders about safe hand hygiene. Signs, PA announcements and reminders. 
  • staff who notice students with coughs, aches, etc will be directing them to go home/go to GP.  Families will receive phone calls from school leaders in such cases, alerting you to the situation.
  • Staff who notice students engaging in deliberately unsafe/unhygienic behaviours will be immediately instructed to stop.  If students do not comply with this instruction, they will be sent to the senior school leaders, and wilful disobedience will result in them being suspended and sent home. Families will be notified.  We are acting in this way in order to
    • Strongly signal to our young people the risk their behaviours could have on all of us
    • Minimise contagion in our school setting


Look out for our update on Monday 23rd March about how we are teaching and learning in the online world.

Should you have any questions or concerns about these measures, please make direct contact with me, as Principal.

Corona Virus Update 16/03/20

Please read the following message, an update on the Lake Tuggeranong College response to COVID 19.

  • College is open until you hear otherwise from us
  • When you are at college, regularly wash your hands with soap, OR use hand sanitiser
  • Avoid sharing devices (as minimum, sanitise surfaces)
  • Sneeze/cough ‘safely’ – i.e. covered mouth, turn away from others, followed by hand cleaning
  • Limit your time off campus at shopping centres, fast food outlets etc.
  • Normal absence processes apply
  • No excursions or assemblies until further notice
  • Assessment is being modified so that no-one is disadvantaged
Regular hand washing is essential.

COVID 19 Update 16/3 –

Please read advice for students and parents

Online Learning

At Lake Tuggeranong College, after a challenging summer, staff are looking at effective online learning for students who may need to work from home due to illness or Covid-19 isolation. Many staff are already familiar with Google Classroom as a functional software to provide remote communication to students, so it has been an expansion of the existing online environment.

Ryan Cather has been able to broadcast to Information Technology students and to post to You Tube, adding an additional level of engagement for the students working from home. Online learning is developing rapidly within the educational context however our “digital natives” are very familiar with the technology.

From an online lesson.

Year 12 Hoodies

Varsity Jackets and Hoodies are now available to be ordered online until Friday 27th March. The cost of the jackets are $89.00.


A second design offered at a lower price ($74.00) is also available (see below). Jackets/Hoodies are available in all sizes to try before you buy until 16th March in the Alumni meeting room (next to the front office).


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