Week 6 News

In this week’s news:

  • The Food Tech class – Mashed Potato
  • Rapping with Byron
  • Outdoor Chess Courtyard Games
  • 30th Birthday Party
  • College Connect

Doing the Mashed Potato

Students – Veronica Symss and Lemuria Fox are justifiably proud of the meat and three veg that they completed this week. Interestingly due to changing food tastes and experiences neither of the young women have tried this very traditional Australian dish in the past.

Veronica Symss and Lemuria Fox

Executive teacher David Moss had planned the practical lesson with the intention to cook a dish that was very common fare with Australians a generation ago. The class had been learning about the role agriculture played in forming our economy.  The term “riding on the sheep’s back” was a reference to the role the wool industry played in holding up the Australian economy in the early part of the century. The sheep therefore was not only a main stayer of our farming culture, but also made its way into our social culture and into the kitchen of many Australian homes in the form of lamb chops. Chops and three veg was a staple on the menu of many Australian families.

Rapping with Byron

Here at Lake Tuggeranong College many of our students go above and beyond their Year 12 Certificate and this week we have a look at emerging musician, from Year 11, Byron Mortimer.

Bryon writes in a strong and meaningful style expressing the complexity of relationships and responses. Below is an example from Byron’s work, Song Memories.

“When you tell me there’s better people, I was into you it’s not so simple.”

As an emerging creative musician Byron is part of the the generation of digital natives. He promotes his work on Spotify, potentially engaging a huge audience with his writing and performance.

Chess goes Outdoors with Courtyard Games

On a beautiful Wednesday afternoon in Autumn, many LTC students headed outdoors to play a variety of games. These activities included Chess for the first time, as our new giant Chess set arrived allowing students to explore this game in an outdoor setting, a perfect time of year for it.

As you can see from the image below the level of concentration doesn’t diminish with the change of setting, particularly when playing chess.

30th Birthday Celebrations

This year Lake Tuggeranong College celebrates it’s 30th Anniversary. Titled “Twilight” the event invites current staff and students . It also welcomes back previous staff and students to celebrate the College and share some fond memories.

College Connect Week 7

Students can use the same process for College Connect using the links below to register their attendance at one of the many College Connect activities. By simply using the QR code that has been emailed to them. Please select from the following links to receive your QR code for College Connect in week 7 and 8 .

Please select from the following links to receive your QR code for College Connect in week 7 and 8 .





Graduation and Formal Dates

Published for a second time please note these important dates . It is good to put the date aside early when it comes to the Graduation and the Formal. The Formal takes place Thursday 10th December from 5:30 pm at the Hotel Realm. The Graduation ceremony takes place Thursday 17th December from 9 am at the Southern Cross Stadium, Greenway.


The Lake Tuggeranong College blog is a place for stories so if you would like to contribute a story about one of our Year 11, Year 12 or alumni contributing to the broader community we would love to hear from you. If you can include a photograph in .jpeg format with the story that would be terrific.

Please send your contribution to richard.baldwin@ed.act.edu.au

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