Week 3 News

In this week’s news:

  • Virtual Automotive
  • College Connect
  • Meet and Greet for parents and teachers
  • Careers Expo

Classes are learning in a Virtual Space

Lake Tuggeranong College has successfully run Automotive Technology classes, in a very well equipped workshop since the college opened 30 years ago .

Automotive teacher Kobus Van Zyl is taking the students from the real world to the virtual world to understand the mechanics of the automobile. This sort of learning activity is important to provide students with the focused and detail teaching in a classroom setting.

College Connect

The College Connect has been developed as an opportunity for the students at Lake Tuggeranong College to explore interests and passions outside of the existing curriculum.

This week after downloading the links from their year group page, the students were invited attend the a College Connect activity of their choice. A choice of 25 different activities were provided for the students. Choices included Music Collaboration, Pokemon Go Walkabout and Science Tutorials.

The Chess Group, mid-game.

Students can use the same process for College Connect using the links below to register their attendance at one of the many College Connect activities. By simply using the QR code that has been emailed to them.

Please select from the following links to receive your QR code for the events if you are in Year 11 or Year 12.








Meet and Greet

Each year Lake Tuggeranong College provides the opportunity for parents and teachers to meet in the pleasant surroundings of the college courtyard. As principal Julie Murkins suggested, ‘there was a lovely vibe’, with many fruitful conversations being held between staff and parents.

A lovely afternoon chat with our Science Staff

Careers Expo

The Careers Expo is an annual event at L.T.C. For some students it will be the first chance to speak with employers or to meet university graduates who have taken on exciting jobs.


The Lake Tuggeranong College blog is a place for stories so if you would like to contribute a story about one of our Year 11, Year 12 or alumni contributing to the broader community we would love to hear from you. If you can include a photograph in .jpeg format with the story that would be terrific.

Please send your contribution to richard.baldwin@ed.act.edu.au

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