Week 2 News

In this week’s news:

  • 1st Firing in the Glass Class
  • Year 12 – Academic Officer and Wellbeing Coordinators
  • Keys to Success
  • Year Group Meetings in the Digital Age
  • Teens, tech and time online
  • Contributions to the blog

First firing in the Glass Class

Below is an image of Harry Parker’s first glass tile. Harry is a Year 11 student and he has produced a wonderful and intensely coloured kiln formed glass tile for his first assignment.

To make a work like this, in the Exploring Glass Unit, as part of the Visual Arts Course, the glass is cut assembled and fired. The glass is fired to a single piece until the glass is fired into a new piece. A possibility for a final body of work.

Harry’s Glass Tile

Support for Year 12 students in College Life

As Academic Officer Andrew Kahn provides assistance for the year 12 students with their packages to ensure a successful year 12 certificate. He ensures that the students have the right mixture of units for their particular pathway.

Andrew Kahn

Lake Tuggeranong College has two student well-being Coordinators. Ary Phaiyakounh supports students with surnames from A-K and Darlene Smith supports year 12 students whose surname falls between L-Z. Well-being Co-ordinators are the first port of call on matters of well-being such as careers and engagement. Students are welcome to just drop by and chat about the situation with our well-being Coordinators.


Keys to Success

Keys to Success in a unique program providing support with existing Academic skills while supporting our students with an extension for those skills.

“Hone your research skills for college and beyond!  Keys to Success starts Week 3 – Wednesdays in College Connect time and Thursdays 1:45pm-2:45pm.  Keep an eye on the screens for further information or see Lori/Holly in the L.T.C Library”

Year Group Meetings and College Connect Enter the Digital Age

This is a year for unique opportunities, both socially and at school according to the Chinese Horoscope. As it is 2020 it seemed appropriate for the Year Group meetings at the College to update and enter the digital age. Along with the development of the College Connect Program.

The Year Group Meetings have always been an opportunity for the students to connect and share important information and to celebrate achievements with their peers.

This week a new approach is being trialed so that the students can download the Eventbrite Application and attend the year group meeting as a ticketed event. After receiving a link via email or downloading the app via Google Classroom students can use their ticket to register their attendance at the Year Group Meeting.

Students can use the same process for College Connect using the links below to register their attendance at one of the many College Connect activities. By simply using the QR code that has been emailed to them.

Please select from the following links to receive your QR code for the events if you are in Year 11 or Year 12.









Teens, Tech and Time Online

Please read and consider the following information. It has been developed for parents of secondary school students and looks at how to support your teen in an online world.


The Lake Tuggeranong College blog is a place for stories so if you would like to contribute a story about one of our Year 11, Year 12 or alumni contributing to the broader community we would love to hear from you. If you can include a photograph in .jpeg format with the story that would be terrific.

Please send your contribution to richard.baldwin@ed.act.edu.au

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  1. Katrina says:

    The glass unit looks so interesting! LTC offers so many cool classes and activities for our students to try. A glass workshop would make a really cool end of year staff wellbeing activity too… Just sayin’ 😉


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