Week 1 News

In this week’s news:

  • Week 1 Photo
  • Air Quality
  • Year 11 Coordinators
  • Headspace skills workshop

Week 1 photo

Welcome and congrats to our Year 11s, new Year 12s and returning Year 12s for making it through the first week of 2020!

Year 11 Photo 2020.

Our Annual Year 11 and whole school photo were taken earlier this week by our photography teacher Tiffany Roweth.

As usual we had some photobombing Year 12 alumni from years previous in our whole school photo! They just can’t keep away!

These will be framed and added to our walk through gallery in the school in the coming weeks.

Whole school 2020.

Air Quality

Recently the outside air quality in the Tuggeranong Valley has been moderate. As such students have been encouraged to stay indoors at least until the situation improves.

The air quality conditions can vary significantly over geographical locations and in internal spaces, as well as at different times of the day.  Of course, we do not know how long these conditions may continue.

Students are encouraged to seek advice from their teachers if they are unsure of the situation and to listen carefully for announcements at the college. If you are concerned in any way about the conditions, please ring us or perhaps consider using the links below.

Further information to support your decision making about can be found at:

Year 11 Coordinators

Student Well being Coordinators change each year as a new group of Year 11 students join us and the former Year 11 students graduate to Year 12. This year we are lucky to have Clare Ferguson, taking responsibility for A-K year 11 students and Lyndsey Houghton looking after L-Z year 11 students.

Clare Ferguson
Lyndsey Houghton

SWCs have pastoral responsibility and oversight of particular groups of our total student population.

Academic Officer

Nick Wright Year 11

AOs’, such as Nick have core responsibility for monitoring the progress of LTC students in relation to their senior secondary package, and their academic engagement. 

Healthy Headspace Skills Workshop

Headspace Canberra will be running a free weekly therapeutic psychological skills group for young people.

The group is open to anyone between the ages of 12-25 who wants to learn a variety of skills (see flyer) for more positive mental health or just have a positive social engagement.

As shown by the flyer, this group will run every Thursday from 5:30-6:30 during the school term 1 and continue for the whole year.

Feel free to pass this on to any contacts you know who you think would be interested.

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