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This Week at Lake Tuggeranong College

A message from the Principal regarding the current lockdown

Chess by Jasmine Killeen

Thrive – A Collection of Student Writing

Parent Help – Messengers Poster

Lockdown and Blog information

SHLiRP Update

A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers

I’m writing to provide you with the latest information about COVID-19 and ACT public schools.

The ACT Chief Minister announced that from 5pm 12/8 ACT public school students should stay at home while the ACT enters a seven day COVID-19 lock down.

Families should keep their children at home if they can. All ACT public schools will remain open for vulnerable children and for children whose parents cannot work from home.

Year 11 and 12 students are encouraged to continue with their current assessment tasks.

Our teachers will be spending this time preparing to move to remote learning should the lockdown be extended.

All students aged 12 and older are required to wear masks at all times outside of the home. Younger children are exempt. Any person who has a physical or mental health illness or condition, or disability, which makes wearing a face mask unsuitable is not required to wear a mask.

As you can appreciate, this is a fast-moving situation and we will do our best to keep you informed. To assist parents, carers and the broader college community, frequently asked questions and other information is available on the Education Directorate website.

I’d also like to acknowledge the strength of our school community. I’d like to acknowledge this has been a challenging period for our families and students, and I thank you for your continued support of each other.

I will write to you if further decisions are made that impact our college.

Please also regularly check the latest advice from ACT Health at Home – COVID-19 (act.gov.au), and more information will be available from ACT Health social media channels.


Tom Kobal


Lake Tuggeranong College


Chess Club by Jasmine Killeen

Just last week Richard Niu, one of the central math teachers at Lake Tuggeranong College took it upon himself to start his very own chess club, which welcomes both year 11 and 12 students to come in and practice their strategy skills, and verse their fellow classmates in the ultimate game of wits. Richard started playing chess at the age of 6. And until the age of 14 would participate in a number of prestigious competitions.

I – “How many trophies did you win?”

R – “Alot.”

 His most memorable being the National Chess Tournament, where young, aspiring chess competitors travelled from all over Australia to Richard’s hometown in Victoria. When asked what his best memory from his chess days was, he replied “winning”, and a memory that caused him great pain was “losing a queen advantage.” A look of distress appeared on his face when he revealed that piece of information. Despite this trauma, Richard stated that his real reasoning for leaving the sport was “other interests, I wanted to play video games.” Most boys of a similar age would agree with his decision. 

I – “If you could go back to that age, would you have stuck with chess?”

R – “No, I would go back and I would play more video games.” 

A wise choice. 

I – “What life lesson would you like the students to pick up from these chess meets?”

R – “Think ahead.” A lesson which feels extremely relevant lately for the students of LTC.

Many should find it somewhat odd that it has taken so long for a chess club to arrive despite the activity being a common interest among most of our students. Many of them would have participated in chess clubs at their previous highschools, and it is safe to assume that these clubs would have been easy to access, perhaps taking place between breaks or on some occasions after school. Tuggeranong College has already gone to the efforts of providing a giant novelty chess set for recreational purposes, but given Richards prior knowledge of the game, for one hour a week, budding new chess players can use this to their advantage and learn all the tips and tricks required to further enhance their abilities. Or this could even be a chance for those who wish to learn the very basics and get a good grip on the game itself. Richard’s decision to start the club however, was simply because “chess is a fun game” and the gatherings once a week are a place to enjoy yourself. The players don’t verse in complete silence, this isn’t the Queen’s Gambit.

Richard Niu believes that it is important for students to develop their skills in chess because it leads to an improvement in critical thinking. For a math teacher this belief seems rather appropriate, and hopefully for some of our new players the skills they acquire here will reflect on how they approach difficult milestones in the classroom. As for any students who aren’t sure of joining, just remember what the champ say’s: “Chess isn’t about beating me.” Not a single student has managed to defeat Richard yet, come next Wednesday, and you might just be the one to come out victorious.

Chess Club is on during College Connect on Wednesdays.


Check out the website here: https://sites.google.com/ed.act.edu.au/thrive

The LTC English faculty is proud to present our online collection of student creative writing: THRIVE 2021.

Last year we began the online THRIVE magazine and showcased the work of many talented young authors at Lake Tuggeranong College. This year, we are bringing you even more student work. 

The 2021 collection includes:

  • Crime fiction stories
  • Gothic fiction stories
  • Picture books for children
  • Film storyboards
  • Musical theatre proposals
  • Sonnets

With more being added soon. 

Parent Help – Messengers Poster

Lockdown and Blog information

Some information published in the blog this week, will have changed due to the lockdown in the ACT. On the other hand some items such as the item below are accessible on line, so The Blog is published with these thoughts in mind.

Do you have a positive story to share about our students or alumni? Here at the blog we are happy to publish stories, photos and artworks. Please submit your material to richard.baldwin@ed.act.edu.au

SHLiRP Update

SHLiRP at LTC has been indefinitely postponed due to COVID.  We will advise you of any further changes when we have more information.  There will be NO SHLiRP clinic in Week 7.

Thanks and Stay Safe,

The College LIFE Team

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