Week 9 News

In this Week’s News

  • Performing Arts Practice – dance and music.
  • Our staff – running for a good cause.
  • Blog Submissions

Dance Practice

Lake Tuggeranong College Dance students Shayla McDougall and Tommy Warbuton are practicing for their performance assessment coming up during term 2. The students are enjoying the space that they have in the Lake Tuggeranong College Theatre, providing them with plenty of room to rehearse.

Are we a band yet?

Reo, Owen and India – just hanging out.

Friends Reo, Owen and India are not a band yet, they just enjoy hanging out. Taipan Luff and Ben Beltrami are not just hanging out, they are working on their music using the Lake Tuggeranong College Rehearsal Room in Pavilion 6.

Our staff – running for a good cause.

Running in the MS Fun Run – Julie Gnjec, Tiffany Roweth, Rawya El Masri and Robyn Fidge

It’s all smiles out the end of the MS fun run, with out very generous staff out on the edge of the lake in pursuit of a good cause. the staff raised in excess of $800 dollars for MS Research.

Blog Submissions

Do you have a position story to share about our students or allumni? Here at the blog we are happy to publish, stories, photos and artworks, please submit your material to richard.baldwin@ed.act.edu.au

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