Week 7 News

In this week’s news:

  • Market Day Wrap Up
  • AST done and dusted
  • 2019 ACT Inter-School Badminton Champions
  • Australian Ice Hockey – Jackson Gallagher
  • Volunteering and Community Service

Market Day Wrap Up

WOW! What a great market day – hot food, cakes, craft, raffles, circus, games, plus so much more!!

A huge thank you to everyone that make it such a special day – the community spirit and involvement was amazing. It was great to see the students connecting with each other, having fun and gaining crucial skills; also to see so many grandparents and parents as well.

Thanks to all involved: the staff who actively participated, supervised and supported the event, a huge thanks to the committee –  Darlene, Dave C, Ned, Colin, Sally and Richard who worked endlessly to make this day possible.

Warehouse Circus

Thanks to Warehouse Circus for coming out and celebrating the day with us. Many students learnt new skills and built confidence, it was great to see students trying new “challenges”.

The Be Money Smart Workshops were well-attended, students were keen to learn about the costs of being independent, buying a car and work pay. Watch this space as we are looking at running more workshops in 2020!

We are happy for feedback so we can make the day even better next year.


Congrats to all Year 12 Tertiary students who completed their AST this Tuesday and Wednesday!!!

Image result for exams done meme

2019 ACT Interschool Badminton

The boys missed out on the cross-over semis. Congratulations to Canberra College on winning the Boys Final.
The boys did an amazing job on the day they tried valiantly, behaved like gentlemen and deserved the Fair Play award. They competently refereed Round 2 games without complaints and use of the VRS. Most remained to provide invaluable support the girls in their quest for glory. They were outstanding ambassadors for LTC.

The girls – made it through to a very exciting final. Steve Walding (Melba-Copland) and I were surprised by the stamina shown by all girls. As the schools had to depart the sports hall by 3pm, all matches were of one game duration, first to 15. That made the final 6 singles and 3 doubles very interesting. The pressure was on the girls you might surmise. No room for mistakes.
Points were awarded for every serve. Games were quick. After the 6 singles matches, scores were tied at 3 all. The doubles were to decide the championships.

Congratulations are forwarded to the girls on winning the Championships. What a team effort. Sister Acts played dominant roles throughout the day. All girls were outstanding role models for LTC.

Australian Ice Hockey – Jackson Gallagher

Jackson Gallagher has been busy representing Canberra in the Australian Ice Hockey League over the weekend.  He played for Braves in against Sydney over the weekend in the Finals.  While the score was 4:6 against the Braves, it was a hard fought battle and a testament to the play quality of the team this season.  Congratulations to Jackson Gallagher.

Volunteering and Community Service

Volunteering offers vital help to people in need, worthwhile causes, and the community, but
the benefits can be even greater for you, the volunteer. Volunteering and helping others can
reduce stress, combat depression, keep you mentally stimulated, and provide a sense of
purpose. It can also benefit the volunteer to:
• Learn or develop a new skill,
• Be part of the community in which they live,
• Develop motivation and sense of achievement,
• Discover a career pathway,
• Boost career options,
• Develop new interests and hobbies,
• Discover new experiences and
• Meet a diverse range of people that can become a support network.

A voluntary work placement is a significant part of the Lake Tuggeranong College
Community Service Program. It provides the student with a valuable experience in the
community and gains them additional points for their certificate.
11 hours = 0.2
27.5 hours = 0.5 points
55 hours = 1.0 points

For a Tertiary Package a maximum of 2.0 R units can contribute to the minimum
requirement of 20 points.
For an Accredited Package a maximum of 5.0 R units can contribute to the minimum
requirement of 17 points.
Please note: volunteer hours can not be counted if you are missing a scheduled class.

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