4th annual LTC Library Literary Lunch: a roaring success!

LTC Library’s annual Literary Lunch was held on Monday 29 October. Deliciously catered by Decadent (a local business), attendees were treated to a celebration of the written, spoken and sung word as never seen before.

  • Toby Grundy, guest author and LTC staff member, took us on a rollicking ride through his career as a writer so far and the brutal underbelly that sat beneath! He shared with us his work as a graphic novelist and the challenges that came with that.
  • Julie Murkins, our school principal, shared a heartfelt piece of prose that brought tears to the eyes about a visit to a dear place she calls home.
  • Darlene Smith, another LTC staff member and first time Literary Lunch contributor, spoke of her passion for LTC with ‘Ode to Lake Tuggeranong College… and Market Day’!
  • LTC has some very talented students and we enjoyed showcasing their work:
    • Taylah, Ben, and Eve from Toby’s Advanced Writing class tantalised us with opening paragraphs from their pieces of work: Let the beans fall where they may, Loosely based on my divorce, and Relapse.
    • Shyrell sang with passion Can’t Help Falling in Love with You.
    • ‘Danny’ and ‘Sandy’ (aka Ben and Tilly) gave us a sneak peek at LTC’s musical for 2018, Grease: The Musical, with the song Summer Lovin’! (Nov 14-17, tickets on sale now).

The LTC Library team would like to thank all who participated in our event, and those who attended, to make this possibly the best Literary Lunch ever held! We look forward to repeating the fun again in 2019.

Lori Korodaj
Teacher Librarian

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