Week 19 News

In this Week’s News

Farewell and thanks to Julie Gnjec and Emily Bissaker.

Supporting Young Readers

Farewell and thanks to Julie Gnjec and Emily Bissaker.

Staff took some time out to farewell two highly valued staff – Julie Gnjec and Emily Bissaker. Julie will take on a new position in the Department of Education and Emily will become a mum.

Supporting Young Readers – Nalini Haynes

Tom Kobal, LTC Principal, presented a certificate of appreciation to Nalini Haynes, for the ongoing, generous contributions she has made to our school library.  Nalini receives mountains of young adult books hot off the press from publishers to review on her blog, Dark Matter Zine, which currently gets about a half a million hits each month!  A strong supporter of public education, Nalini said knowing that the books are coming to a place where local teens can get their hands on them, makes it easier to let go of her favourites.  We know how attached you can get to a wonderful book!  Thank you so much, Nalini!

Thankyou Nalini

Blog Submissions

Do you have a positive story to share about our students or alumni? Here at the blog we are happy to publish stories, photos and artworks. Please submit your material to richard.baldwin@ed.act.edu.au

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