Week 17 News

In this week’s news:

  • Important dates
  • Moments From the Gathering
  • Reporting for Semester 1

Important Dates

As we approach the end of term there are some important dates coming up. Please add them to your calendar.

10/6 Courtyard Assembly at LTC

17/6 Cross-line Testing begins

24/6 Students Handback Day (student assignments)

26/6 Students Unit Scores available (through BSSS )

Moments from the Gathering

The Gathering during Week 17 will be remembered as the first time members of Lake Tuggeranong College has been able to assemble since the Covid 19 lock down and return has taken place. From the photographs below you can see the energy and spirit of the occasion, held within the courtyard at Lake Tuggeranong College.

Rae, Julie and Saxon at the “Gathering”
Chelsea Mayberry sings “Shake it Out” by Florence and the Machine.

The assembled at The “Gathering”
Kyle Martinez sings “How Far Have We Come ” Matchbox 20

Reporting in Semester 1

Due to the circumstances faced by schools across Australia this year, a national agreement has been reached to modify school reporting for Semester 1. We recognise that providing families with information about student progress and learning is crucial and will be especially valuable after the start to the year we have all experienced.

At Lake Tuggeranong College, we would like to seize this moment in time to trial some improvements to both the quality and scope of information being provided. The Semester 1, 2020 report will now include:

  • Assessment item grades, marks and scaled results (where appropriate to the unit level)
  • Assessment item adjustments
  • A teacher report on tracked student participation
  • A teacher assessment of student progress against the two Australian Curriculum General Capabilities:
    • Critical and creative thinking
    • Personal and social capability

Due to the level of detail being added, students and families will each receive one email report per unit studied. Reports will be sent on 3 July.

The standard report comment will be removed from this semester’s reports in deference to these improvements.

We remain committed to providing useful, personal, formative feedback to students and families. Barring unexpected changes, it is our intention to host an appropriately socially distanced parent-student-teacher afternoon on Thursday July 23 from 4pm until 6pm. More details about this will be sent out with reports.


John Alston-Campbell
Deputy Principal

Submissions to the blog welcomed, just send them in to richard.baldwin@ed.act.edu.au

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