Week 15 News

In this week’s news:

  • Open Night Goes Online
  • Mental Fitness Challenge
  • Graduate Profile
  • New Art
  • 2021 Enrolments

Open Night Goes Online

The Covid 19 Crisis has created many challenges. At Lake Tuggeranong College staff have become film makers to showcase their faculty in an online space. In the image below you can see the high quality of the visual material collected for the project, this image is by Stefan Kussey who has stepped up to create some very dynamic images for the Technology Faculty.

Steven Russell demonstrating the angle grinder and MIG Welding.

In the Arts faculty Matilda Lawler (2019), is writing a song for use by the faculty in another example of the creativity that has developed through forced changes to our normal promotional routine. We all very thankful to those people who have stepped to provide us with support for this challenge.

Of course the aim, of the 3 minute videos, is to provide some insight into the college, so that students and parents can make an informed choice. Advertised on Facebook are personalised tours by our Principal Julie Murkins, who can provide answers to more detailed questions regarding the College and the programs.

Mental Fitness Challenge

Are you getting the most out of life or are the good times passing you by? Want to improve your friendships, learn how to deal with stress, as well as how to set goals and stick to them?

Let’s find out together at www.biteback.org.au

Graduate Profile – Recent work by Luke Marriott

The stunning image above is the title for Higher Ground an example of recent work by Luke Marriott (1998) one of our very talented graduates to go on and study film making at a tertiary level. If you would like to see the full video of higher ground staring Grace Rooney and some beautiful landscape shoots. Click on the link provided and support Luke on his new You Tube channel.

Lake Tuggeranong College provides Media Units in Film Making, Animation, Journalism and Pop Culture to support our young and creative students to reach their goals and experience media practice in a professional environment.

New Artwork

Monika Dubnjak

As the end of the term approaches, despite all the challenges, the creativity flows. This wonderful painting was based on an earlier 20th Century masterpiece. Can you guess what it was?

Click and Collect from our Library

Enrolling for 2021

Submissions to the blog welcomed, just send them in to richard.baldwin@ed.act.edu.au

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