Week 14 News

In this week’s news:

  • LTC Blood Brother’s Production – THIS WEEK
  • Behavioural Science Excursion
  • 5th annual Literary Lunch: a roaring success!
  • Visual Arts, Ceramics and Glass Excursion

Blood Brothers

The Performing Arts Faculty’s latest production is the global smash hit, ‘Blood Brothers’, by Willy Russell. 38 talanted students perform onstage, play in the band and provide the technical skills to run the show.

“Did you ever hear the story of the Johnstone twins?

As like each other as two new pins.

How one was kept and one given away,

How they were born, and they died on the self same day.”

‘Blood Brothers’ is the heart-breaking story of Mickey and Edward, twin brothers separated at birth but brought together again through an unlikely friendship. With their familial relationship concealed by their parents, who have striven to keep them apart because of superstitious beliefs, the pair find themselves irreversibly intertwined. 

A prophecy that warns that twins who are separated at birth will die on the day they discover the truth brings this stunningly crafted musical to its devastating but inevitable conclusion.

The cast is led by Matilda Lawler (Yr12) in the lead role as Mrs Johnstone, Rourke O’Doherty (Yr11) and Conor Desmond (Yr11) as the twins Mickey and Edward, Emma Schirmer (Yr11) as Linda, and Emma Monkivitch (Yr12) as Mrs Lyons. The story unfolds, aided by the ominous presence of Reanna Pulsford (Yr11) and Saxon Davis (Yr 12) as The Narrators. 

Photos by Tiffany Roweth

Performances in the LTC Theatre, Cowlishaw Street, Greenway.

  • Wed 6th Nov, 7pm
  • Thu 7th Nov, 1pm
  • Fri 8th Nov, 7pm

Tickets available from the college front office, 02 6142 3660.

Adults $15, Concession/Students $10

We’d love to see you there!

Lyndsey Houghton (Drama/Artisitc Director), Jo Perry (Dance) and Danuta Mrowka (Music/Arts Excutive Teacher) 

Behaviour Science Excusion

Video courtesy of Sophie Messervy

In Week 12, 29 Sociology and Psychology students set off on a three-day excursion to Beechworth and Melbourne. The excursion was designed to help develop students’ understanding of the history and practical application of Psychology and Sociology in Society.

Our first destination was the Old Beechworth Gaol. Students learned about what life would have been like for prisoners such as Ned Kelly, who was incarcerated there on multiple occasions.

After some time exploring the town of Beechworth, we arrived at our accommodation, The Old Priory. Once we had settled in and enjoyed some dinner, we headed out on a ghost tour at Mayday Hills Asylum. Here, students learned about the various reasons for which people were admitted as patients, and the different treatment methods that were used throughout the hospital’s 128 years of operation. 

The following day, we left Beechworth and drove to Melbourne. After a picnic lunch in the park, we entered the Melbourne Museum. Students visited The Mind exhibition, which included interactive activities and immersive experiences, along with displays of artworks and historical psychiatric pieces.

Afterwards, students enjoyed some free time exploring the city of Melbourne before reconvening to make our way to Melbourne Zoo. On arrival at the Zoo, we were warmly welcomed by our hosts and shown to our accommodation for the night; permanent tents set up in what was once the old elephant enclosure. We were treated to a barbeque dinner before embarking on a special nighttime tour of the Zoo where we were given information about different animals and their unique behaviours.

In the morning, we woke up early to go on another tour where we were taken behind the scenes of the Zoo, before it was open to the public. After some free time to walk around and visit the various animals, we attended a program entitled Ethics, Zoos and You. Students learned about behavioural science techniques that are used in wildlife conservation.

Special thanks goes to Luke Broadhurst for organising the excursion. It was a fun and valuable learning experience for everyone.

5th annual Literary Lunch: a roaring success!

LTC Library’s annual Literary Lunch was held on Monday 28 October.  A record crowd of attendees (LTC staff and students and Libraries ACT staff) were treated to our celebration of the written, spoken and sung word. 

  • Dr Robert Godfree, guest author, shared his journey of research and non-fiction writing based around his work on the Federation and Millenium droughts in Australia (very timely at the moment).  He provided some sage advice for young people wishing to write academic articles and offered suggestions to avoid the pitfalls and predatory journals!
  • Julie Murkins, our school principal, once again evoked memories of her upbringing in rural Australia with an excerpt of her memoirs “Pipefittings on a Saturday”.
  • Kim Hare, a first time Literary Lunch contributor, shared her short story ‘Marked’, inspired by the birth of her son.
  • We also had the opportunity to showcase a song from this year’s LTC musical, ‘Blood Brothers’.  Tilly and Emma brought us to tears with their duet, ‘My Child’.

The LTC Library team would like to thank all who participated in our event, and those who attended, to make this most definitely the best Literary Lunch ever held!  We look forward to repeating the fun again in 2020.

Lori Korodaj

Teacher Librarian

Visual Arts, Ceramics and Glass Excursion

Friday 25th October, students from the Visual Arts, Ceramics and Glass units gathered outside the National Gallery to begin their exploration of Installation Art and Ceramics currently on display. An artist creating an installation uses the walls, the ceiling, the floors and the space in the centre of the room. So our students where able to be immersed in the installations completed by the Indonesian Contemporary artists’, addressing issues such as family planning, recycling and the art market. We also looked at different issues relating to ceramics, the creation of a body of work, the impact of the environment and the work of Glenn Barkely   – Is he taking over studio ceramics in Australia?   

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBTQI+ Network

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