Week 15 News

Happy Public Education Week!

Public Education Week is about celebrating and recognising the importance of public education in our society. It is well known that educational institutions play a central role in building a democratic, equitable and just society. This week is about taking a moment to consider how we all contribute to public education, whether as a teacher, student, staff member or as part of the broader school community, and to appreciate the role that public education has played in our lives.

As teachers and educators in public schools, the staff of Lake Tuggeranong College would like to take a moment to reflect on the role of educating the next generation and why setting them up for the challenges of the future is so crucial.


Animal Science ZooSnooz excursion: May 20-21

As part of their Animal Science studies at LTC, 20 students took the opportunity to have a sleepover at Taronga Zoo, Sydney with staff members Gavin, Lori and special guest teacher, Jenny. 

Upon arrival Monday evening, we were lucky enough to be guided through the zoo to see the nocturnal animals at their liveliest!

Frolicking tiger cubs, proud sea lions, cranky possums (who pee on unsuspecting students below!), and a myriad of fruit bats who call the trees in the Taronga Zoo home. 

After dinner, students got up close and personal with a goliath stick insect, a long necked turtle, a tree frog and a bearded dragon.  We got to sleep in the Backyard to Bush cottage with these and other insects and reptiles overnight.

Tuesday morning saw us enjoying spectacular views over Sydney Harbour (lots of photos taken!), a delicious breakfast, and ‘behind the scenes’ at the Bird Show.  Our group was also lucky enough to have a lesson in the Woodland Habitat in Taronga Zoo’s newest building and learning space, the Taronga Institute of Science and Learning.  Lots of opportunities there for our Animal Science students to consider in relation to career and study paths with the Institute!

Everyone went their separate ways for a couple of delightful hours exploring the Zoo and visiting favourite animals.  Highlights included the Sumatran tiger cubs, the Western Lowland gorilla baby, and the Asian elephant calf!

ZooSnooz was an excellent opportunity for our students to really understand the breeding and conservation purpose of zoos, particularly Taronga Zoo Sydney and Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, and it was a great extension of their current unit of work around animal welfare. 

Many thanks to our wonderful students who were excellent ambassadors for LTC!

Information Night Wrap Up

Every year ACT colleges open their doors for Information Night. Information Night is a chance for prospective students to come and view the College, speak to teachers, inquire about subjects and pick the brains of our current students.

Photo by LTC Alumni Matilda Craven

This year it was a very successful evening, with many visitors commenting in particular on how welcoming and knowledgeable our student volunteers were. The suggestions box was once again set up in the foyer, so that feedback from the community can be used to continually improve the night.

Photo by LTC Alumni Matilda Craven

LTC was looking its best! This was a good opportunity to see what students can look forward to from each area of the school, including examples like the up-coming drama production, tasting the work of our food technology classes, seeing art and photography from our current students on display and hearing about the recent STEM camp and upcoming Japan excursion.

A huge thank you needs to go out to all the staff, students and alumni who participated in our 2019 Information Night. We look forward to seeing many familiar faces next year.

Photos by LTC Student Delia Thompson and LTC Alumni Matilda Craven

Headspace Student and Parent education sessions

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