Canberra Women’s Rugby League launch event

On the 27th of April I attended the official launch of Canberra Women’s Rugby League and league tag. The Canberra Region Rugby League has announced it will run three separate women’s rugby league competitions in 2016, including the introduction of a women’s league tag competition.

It was a fun day to hang out with other girls from rugby league, some we knew, others we had never met but made heaps of new friends. We did some interviews with Yvette Berry and Mark Vergona. I represented the Tuggeranong Buffaloes who I have played for since I was nine.

General Manager, Canberra Region & Community Rugby League, Mark Vergano, said the increase in female participation is essential for the sport in the region and expected the game to trend upwards in participation over the coming years.

“The sport of rugby league is undergoing a transformation where we are expanding, we have doubled the size of the league tag competitions between the regional and Canberra areas and also our under 18’s women’s tackle competition will increase to 6 teams,” Mr Vergano said. “We are very excited and it shows the changing face of Rugby League with the increased support of the Canberra Raiders and CRRL to Women’s Rugby League.”

The first matches of both the Women’s Canberra Raiders Cup League Tag and Under 18’s Women’s rugby league started Friday (29th April).

Chelsea O’Sullivan (Year 11)


Yvette Berry, Caitlin Fazey Robinson, Taylor Gilchrist, Chelsea O’Sullivan and Mark Vergano


Chelsea O’Sullivan, Taylor Gilchrist and Caitlin Fazey Robinson

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