The Keys to Success program is compulsory for all Year 11 students at LTC and is delivered by LTC’s teacher librarians, Holly and Lori. Letters with allocated class times for each individual student were distributed in Week 2, Term 1. We have covered Session 1 and are currently delivering Session 2 content.
Some feedback so far…
“Very good!  I thought it was going to be boring, but golly did I learn a lot!”
“It was good.  I was unsure about missing a line off for something which seemed really trivial, but it was good.  Some of the stuff I kinda knew, but it was a good reminder.  You guys are also really nice, which is always a plus.”
The six sessions, spread out over Semester 1, provide students with the key skills identified to achieve their best outcomes whilst studying at LTC.  Sessions cover:
  1. Library orientation: staff who can assist with assignment work, equipment, textbooks, and print/electronic resourcing available.
  2. Referencing: in-text and end-text, models used at LTC
  3. Taking and making notes: effective strategies to assist with this process
  4. Effective search strategies: websites and databases
  5. Evaluating websites: how to discern between useful and ‘dodgy’ content
  6. Digital Footprint/Cybersafety: what does your digital profile say about you?  How do you keep yourself safe online?
Holly and Lori look forward to meeting you all throughout the semester!  Please see them in the TL Office upstairs in the LTC Library if you have any questions about theKeys to Success program.
Lori and Holly
LTC Teacher Librarians

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