Week 7 News



Applications for study in 2020 will open on Wednesday 3 April. Students will be able to apply for undergraduate and international as well as Schools Recommendation Schemes, Educational Access Schemes and Equity Scholarships.

Although not all courses for 2020 will be available, we encourage students to choose one course to complete their application and come back later to review and change their preferences. All semester 1, 2020 courses will be available from August as per usual.

Early bird and SRS applications will close at the end of September and offer rounds and other deadlines will remain the same as previous years. Dates will be available on UAC’s website from 3 April.


For an up-close experience of university life, encourage your students to attend a uni open day. Dates for 2019 are available now.

Fuller details are in your child’s email or on the Lake Tuggeranong College student Portal.


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  1. Tim Hull says:

    Dear LTC

    Please unsubscribe me from all mailing list as both my children have now completed their education at LTC. I have tried clicking on the unsubscribe link but this doesn’t seem to work.




    1. No worries, are you able to confirm your email address?


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