LTC Dance share the dignity


Share the Dignity bags
Teacher Jo Perry and Yr11 student Hannah Merry with “It’s in the bag” contributions.


Following on from the success of their Dance Fest piece and the interest and concern for the homeless in Canberra that it generated, LTC Dance students (Line 7) pledged to do something to help. We chose to support the charity, Share the Dignity, an organisation that focuses on providing women and girls with the personal products they need that they might otherwise be forced to go without. In November they run a collection drive called “It’s In the Bag” which collects handbags filled with essential personal products.

A BIG thank you to the students and staff who contributed. Five handbags were delivered; filled with toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps, shampoos, sanitary products, etc as well as a few extra little goodies. Such basic things can make such a meaningful difference to those in need.

For more info visit

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