LTC Dance makin’ its move… Right Here, Right Now!

During Semester 2, 31 Year 11 and 12 Dance students took part in the 2017 Ausdance Youth Dance Festival, affectionately known as DanceFest. This year the theme was ‘Right Here, Right Now’ with students challenged to choreograph a five-minute group piece. Both Dance classes developed fantastic pieces.

The Line 5 class chose to use Artificial Intelligence as their inspiration for “A.I. Revolution” – a hip hop-styled tale of just what could happen if machines outwit their creators. With the challenging but effective use of handheld lights, the dancers took on the author, Isaac Asimov’s Third Law of Robotics, to provide a glimpse (or perhaps warn us) of the not-too-distant future!

The Line 7 class chose the more serious and immediate issue of Homelessness in Canberra, inspired in part by the ABC episode of “You Can’t Ask That – Homelessness”. The piece, entitled “Cold” used contemporary dance to evoke the loneliness, coldness and invisibility that exists for those experiencing homelessness to challenge the audience’s perception of the stereotypical image of what homelessness looks like. The class’s commitment to bringing this issue to light was recognised by the organisers, Ausdance ACT, who in turn invited online magazine HerCanberra to visit the group. The article “Dancing for Canberra’s homeless” can be read here.

A huge congratulations to all the dancers for two extremely strong and intelligent pieces, both in concept and performance.

Jo Perry

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