LTC Drama does Sydney

Yeah, so our poor students were dragged to an overnight trip to Sydney. We yawned at Macbeth at the Opera House, students begrudgingly took vids of rice being thrown at teachers at Tepenyaki and tried in vain to catch bowls, pieces of omelette and raw eggs. We tried to stay awake for Kinky Boots and watched spinning sets, funky music, men dancing in 10 inch stilettos and flawless acting with rolled eyes. Overnight we slept immediately without a hint of excitement in the middle of the capital with good mates who we didn’t want to talk to till 3am. The following day we went to NIDA (didn’t see Mel Gibson) and the ATYP (didn’t see Cate Blanchett) where we participated in workshops on design and physical theatre… Sheesh, yawn! Then the bus driver insisted on playing loud music on the way home where we felt obligated to sing loudly and then had the audacity to stop at McDonald’s.

It’s foolish if you truly believe we didn’t enjoy the trip.

We had a blast, bought merch, hit Paddys Markets, laughed and laughed, absorbed the culture and were highly entertained by excellent performances.

Students were excellent emissaries of LTC.

We thank every student on the trip for their focus, manners, care for one another, willingness to move out of comfort zones and for endless packets of lollies.

Marina Fowler, Danuta Mrowka & Rhys Coles

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