Did you know…?

August is Platypus Watch month – it’s cold and the little monotremes are more visible as they come out searching for food.

LTC Sustainability in the Community students went on an excursion to Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve recently where they saw some in the sanctuary enclosure. Platypus viewing and general familiarisation assists our students to know what to look for when heading out in search of platypuses to allocated areas around Canberra at later dates.

Watch this space to find out if they spot some this month. They will be getting up early in the morning to conduct the surveys with Water Watch Coordinator Martin Lind and myself on August 4 and August 24.

What a great contribution our students provide to the local community about sustaining the environment!

Nikey Mylordi
Sustainability in the Community R unit coordinator

Learn more about Canberra’s Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve:

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  1. Rob says:

    Great to see that you are still doing good work at LTC Niki Cheers Rob McConchie

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