2017 Canberra Careers Xpo

The 2017 CareersXpo is almost here! Over 9000 students have registered for this year’s event including 430 primary school students.

Try’aSkill will be spread across two spaces this year in the Budawang Building and the Parkes Room. On Wednesday students will have the opportunity to watch apprentices compete in three WorldSkills competitions in the trade areas of tiling, painting and plastering. They will also have the chance to try some Indigenous bush tucker including crocodile and rosella juice! Students attending the CareersXpo on Thursday can learn to use a drop saw, drill and impact driver to create a small cheese board or make a Cambodian inspired floating house! We will also have arborists climbing trees, NAO the robot, napkin folding, nail painting and cryptography!

New ‘Pathways to a Job’ have been created for students to help prepare them for their visit to the CareersXpo. These can be found on the CareersXpo website at www.canberracareersmarket.com.au or the CareersXpo Google Classroom (code: Dq2kem).

Rotary is running an ipad competition to encourage students to download the new CareersXpo app and to attend seminars running in the Freycinet Room in the Conference Centre. Rotary is also running a forum on Wednesday evening from 5.30pm called ‘Choose Wisely: Matching Course Choice to Career Realities’.

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