LTC students help launch H2OK

LTC students studying Sustainability in the Community (R unit) were involved in a media launch by the ACT Government at Lake Tuggeranong on Monday 20 Feb 2017 for the H2OK – ‘Keeping our Waterways Healthy’ campaign.

The campaign promotes “only rain down the stormwater drain” to educate users of waterways to be mindful of what goes down the drain.

The students involved were Jacqueline Ambrose (Yr 11), Mackenzie Smith (Yr 11) and Rachael O’Brien (Yr 12).

Students were lauded by the dignitaries in their speeches for volunteering and the work they do to keep our waterways healthy.

The students rubbed shoulders with ACT Environment Minister Mick Gentleman and Senator Zed  Seseljia – both present at the event’s launch.

Check out the report on WIN TVs Facebook Page for more information on the initiative and to spot our students!


Nikey Mylordi (Sustainability Coordinator)

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