LTC Literary Lunch all prose… no cons :)

Our 2nd Annual LTC Literary Lunch was a great success. We had a turnout of 24 which made for an intimate and supportive environment. This year, we were able to advertise the event through the public library as well, so there were also two members of the public who came along (one of them brought melting moments to share!).

  • Stephanie Owen Reeder captured the audience from the moment she spoke. She read excerpts from her work and showed us her Gold Medal that she won in the 2016 Children’s Book of the Year Awards. So exciting!
  • Anthony wowed the crowds again, particularly with his unfinished work ‘Coca Cola’.
  • Jack Tower’s (Yr 12) works didn’t disappoint a second year in a row, and he’s keen to come back again next year as a guest presenter.
  • Chris Johnson (Yr 12) read us his short story – a science fiction piece with a happy ending. His talent is extraordinary. As he read his work, the words weaved an evocative visual image in the listener’s mind – words echoed by all who stayed on to hear his work.
  • Decadent, as always, provided a delicious spread!

Many, many thanks to all the LTC staff and students who came along to support our event. We’d really love your feedback (one or two lines in an email would be great).

We are very much looking forward to running our Literary Lunch again in conjunction with the Arts Festival in 2017.

Cheers and thanks again,
Your friendly Library team

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