LTC recognised as an ACTSmart School

The college was recently showcased by ACTSmart Schools as an exemplar in sustainable practices such as energy saving, water saving, recycling and connecting with the community on environmentally sustainable projects.

Some 30 students and teachers came to the college as part of an Eco Bus Tour to be shown our agriculture plot, chicken coops (made by LTC Technology staff), recycling, solar panels, frog pond, water bladders, water tanks, and LED lights throughout the college which save us energy, water and resources.

It was a successful tour and many teachers and students were very excited about what we do and wanted to start something similar at their schools. Four of our students attended the tour: Lyly Taylor, Emma Mcintosh, Jesse Challen, and Rachael O’Brien along with our teacher Dudley Hall. Science teacher, Nikey Mylordi and Business Manager, Margaret Price, showcased our college.

Well done LTC!

Nikey Mylordi

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