LTC science students compete in ICAS

21 LTC science students sat for the ICAS last term. The ICAS (International Competitions and Assessment for Schools) competition in science provides an opportunity for students to compete within their cohort and also with other Australian schools. Further to this, the competition enriches students’ portfolios with UNSW certificates.

Students receive an individual diagnostic report containing detailed data highlighting their strengths and areas for improvement.

The questions in the assessment test student’s observation, measurement, reasoning, problem solving, prediction and  interpretation skills. All areas of science are covered (e.g. physics, chemistry, biology, environment etc).

LTC Year 12 student’s achieved above the national average with three of our students achieving at Distinction level.

Congratulations to Rowan D (who achieved in the top 3% for Year 12 participants in Australia), Brodie Y (top 7% of Year 11 participants) and Hayley M (top 11% of Year 11 participants).

Final stats:
3 students achieved Distinctions.
6 achieved Credit (top 13%)
4 achieved Merit (top 40%)
8 awarded Participation certificates.

Chandra Kanta

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