LTC Trivia Night Fundraiser

This year a number of students are travelling abroad for various educational pursuits. Four students have come together to organise a trivia night fundraiser to help their endeavors. These students are Max Claessens, Edith Meli, Rowan Dabron and Emma Kennedy. Edith, Rowan and Emma are travelling to China for the official Sister School trip, and Max is travelling to Brisbane for a UN conference.

We warmly invite staff, parents, carers and students to join us for the Trivia Night to give your support and have an enjoyable evening.

Date: Wednesday 1st of June

Time: 5.30-7.30pm 

Venue: Lake Tuggeranong College Gym.

Cost: $5 entry + $30 for share-plates of nachos + soft drink cans for $2

Teams: Tables of eight will be set up, you are welcome to organise your own team but will be asked to fill tables from the front.

Host: Anthony Batten

I hope to see you all there for good times and the opportunity to support students in their endeavours.


Max Claessens

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