LTC 2016 Careers Market a great success

I wish to thank all staff and students for the success of the Careers Expo yesterday. I had so much positive feedback from the stall holders about the wonderful and interested students we have at our college.

The expo was a huge success thanks to the hard work of many of the staff in the college.

Thank you to the teachers that brought their classes down to the gym. To Ned, Eddie and Dave for their help setting up and packing up. Margaret, Sharyn and Alison for their support. Joe Lloyd who always offers to help out. Lyndal who is always ready to help with anything and everything and Phil for the photos. They look great. Also, thanks to the PE staff for the use of their classroom yesterday.

Many students in the leadership group took total responsibility for the BBQ too. They cooked, served and cleaned up. Thanks Julie and Katherine for this great initiative. Yesterday proved they can do it on their own.

It  wouldn’t have worked without the help and support of Lisa and Carlene too.

Already we have an increase in the number of students that have booked an interview as a direct consequence of yesterday.

I look forward to the ongoing support throughout the year as students work on the career decision-making process.

Lucia Ciccarone

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