LTC students launch fanzine at Conflux 11

Lake Tuggeranong College students Tara Ott and Maddie Piggott, also known by their fan names Alistair and Mercy, launched their fanzine, The Vortex at Conflux 11, Canberra’s annual speculative fiction convention. The Vortex was produced as a major project for their Process to Production Media class at LTC. Tara and Maddie worked to exhaustion to get the 72 page publication finished for Conflux. It involved the production of artwork, interviews, liaising with local authors (including renowned speculative fiction author, Richard Harland who launched The Vortex), and items such as the Best Place to Start for an Anime Noob.

The Vortex is available from Tara and Maddie and online through Gmail, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube and Instagram. They are currently working on the next three editions.

Well done and congratulations for a monumental achievement.

Stefan Kussy

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