Graphic Art & Design and Photography Megalo + NGA excursion

Students studying Graphic Art & Design in Print and Continuing Digital Photography took time out on Friday 18 September to visit Megalo Print Studio and Gallery and the Colour My World Exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia (NGA).

The tour at Megalo showcased screen printing and lithographic techniques which linked perfectly to practical tasks explored in GA&D this semester. Students have covered the history of print (from Gutenberg and Manutius to Cheret and Fairey) as well as techniques (from letterpress and distressed texture to halftone and stencil) via a poster design task.

Colour My World showcased handcoloured photography – a technique available to students in the coming weeks as they explore a task challenging them to express the visible spectrum (ROYGBIV). The visit also forms the basis for this semester’s research task where students are now required to complete a seminar report.

The weather was perfecto, the meals at BRODBURGER thoroughly enjoyed (by those wealthy enough to be able to afford lunch there) and conduct of the students exemplary. Today, in short, was an absolute pleasure… hope the students enjoyed it as well.

Mark Will

In attendance:
Nick Copelin
Kate Holland
Rowan Smillie
Brad Dodds
Josh Gould
Ryan Harder
Steven Ingram
Tom Singleton
Vuk Vucic
Scott Eccles
Ryan Mulquiney
Conor Power
Sarah Ramirez
Heather Swientek
Zoe Aldridge
Selena Buckham
Abigail Castro
Jasmine Edwards
Tamer Sanioura
Hayley Wallace
Jacob Mount
Liz Lockley
Georgia Cooper-Stanbury
Tyler Foley
Sam Tetley


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